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+5% of the cost of the parcel in Russia. + 15% of the cost of sending abroad. If the goods are lost or damaged due to the fault of the transport company, we will send you a new product at our expense.

The case for desks is rectangular in shape and is made strictly according to the size of the purchased items. It is important for the safe transportation of your props.

The case fabric is durable synthetic material.

During the event it is very important to put the props in their cases; it looks presentable and aesthetically pleasing. All my props are stored in their cases.

At your request we can make tailor-made cases. The size and the shape of the case depends on the size of your product.
We produce 6 kinds of cases:

  • Wand case
  • Human Inside Bubble set case
  • Desk case
  • Glowing table case
  • Carpet case
  • Case for the bowl and the auxiliary table

1000 g
Synthetic fabric