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Warranty, exchange and return of items
  • Dear customers! The entire set of props for the bubble show on sale passes quality control. Before shipping the items, I carefully inspect it. Therefore, the probability that you will run into trouble is minimal. But if you still need to replace, return or repair the items, please read the terms of service.
  • Return and exchange of goods
    If you do not like the item or if it doesn't work for you, you can return it or exchange it. This can be done within 14 days of purchase.
There are several conditions for the return and exchange of items:
  • 1
    You have preserved the resalable condition of the item, there is no visible damage.Before shipment, I carefully check the condition of the items.If the items are damaged during transportation, you should write a claim to the transport company or mail service.
  • 2
    You pay for transportation of the items there and back on your own. The exception is the defects you identified on receipt. For example, you did not find any visible damage on the item, but it does not work anyway. In this case, please write to me. We will get in touch via Skype, check the item and decide its fate. It will be a either return or exchange.
  • 3
    After the items come back to me, I send you money within 7 working days.
If you have any questions, you can write or call me. You will find the contacts below.
Warranty and warranty service
  • All the items bought from me have a warranty period of service. We carry out warranty repair of all our props. You can find out the terms below. Also, the warranty is indicated on the website, next to each product.
Terms of warranty service:
  • 1
    The standard warranty for the props includes a service contract.It includes finding out the reasons for the inoperability of the goods.This happens remotely (via Skype), I also give recommendations for troubleshooting on website (if possible).
  • 2
    During the warranty period we will repair the defects of the product free of charge. We'll repair or replace it with a similar one. Of course, provided that the defect has arisen through our fault. The items provided for replacement may be both new and restored after repair. In any case, we guarantee that its characteristics will not be worse.
  • 3
    Warranty for the items during the repair and transportation is extended.
  • 4
    The warranty does not apply to the accessories: hooks, zipper runners, Velcro; glasses for desks; film coating; gas canisters.
  • 5
    Warranty repair is not performed in case of mechanical damage to the items and violation of the usage rules.
How do I hand in a defective item to warranty repair?
  • 1
    Contact me in any convenient way for you.Describe the problem in detail, attach a photo or video, if possible.After viewing, we will together decide on replacement, warranty repair or non-warranty case (if the video can not prove the cause of the failure, you'll have to send the item to me for inspection).
  • 2
    You pay for yourself the delivery of the items for warranty repair. I pay the return shipping.
  • 3
    The term of warranty repair is no more than 14 days from the receipt of my goods.
  • 4
    Additional services that are not included in the warranty service (replacement of fittings, gluing, painting) are paid by prior arrangement.
I provide the following warranty terms for the props:
  • All wands – 1 year.
    Volcano Wand on the Plane – no warranty.
    Smoke machine – 6 months.
    A fire tube – 12 months.
    The new version of the desk – 9 months.
    New version of glowing table – 6 months.
    New version of 2-in-1 table – 9 months.
    Human inside bubble set of increased strength – 12 months.
    Cases – 90 days.
    Desk tray – 9 months.
    LED-lamp – 6 months.
    Auxiliary table – 9 months.
    Bowl on Stem – 9 months.
    Bowl on Stem + Auxiliary Table Set – 9 months.
    Cryo-show table – 9 months.
    UF-lamp – 6 months.
    The Backdrop. Banner Stand – 6 months.

    If you have any questions, you can contact me. You will the contacts find below.
Post-warranty service and non-warranty cases
  • If the warranty period of the items is expired, it's okay. Your props can still be restored and repaired. But not for free.
How to repair non-warranty items?
  • 1
    Please contact me to provide a complete description of the problem.It is desirable to make a photo and video.Afterwards we'll make the calculation of the cost of repair and upon mutual agreement we will make the shipment.
  • 2
    You pay the cost of sending the goods there and back.
  • 3
    The repair time is 14 days from the time I receive the items.
If you have any questions regarding the exchange, return or warranty service of the product, please contact me. I'm always ready to help my customers.
* Goods of proper quality, bought on sale are not refundable.

You can choose any method of communication convenient for you:

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Arrange for a Skype meeting. My Skype is darinashow.