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Vertical Frame


  • My colleagues and I wanted to have a large frame for a long time, so that the soap film was wider and higher. I want the audience to be surprised by the size of the film. That's why we made a 126 cm pallet.
  • And now the film's dimensions are 108x90 cm. This is much more than the last frame we introduced.
  • There is a drain with a sealed plug and a wide throat on the frame. Immediately after work, place the container next to the frame, pull out the plug and the entire soap solution will pour into the container in 20 seconds. It will be very comfortable for you to pour the solution into a glass or canister. An empty pallet without a solution is much more pleasant to remove.
  • Classical black design. All parts are made of aluminum and plastic. The frame looks stylish and expensive. Your clients will appreciate it.
  • There are some accessories for this frame that you can buy now or later. These are hanging glasses.It's comfortable to keep trick tubes and soap solution in the glasses. You can buy glasses now as an additional option to the vertical frame.
  • The rope part of the frame is always fixed between the pallet and the top beam. You don't have to tie and pull the ropes every time. You can pull them once while the first time you assemble vertical frame. Being on the stage, just assemble the construction and the ropes will be in the right place.
  • We have provided a classy and compact case for the frame, its width is only 9.5 cm. The case is purchased separately. Here is a link to Case for vertical frame.
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3875 g
187 x 103 x 55 cm
Plastic, stainless steel