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  • What can it make?
    Smoke generators make smoke. The air comes in; the smoke goes out.
  • Where can it be used?
    The smoke generator is used in combination with hand bubbles with a glowing table.
  • How is it fed?
    Smoke is obtained as a result of pure glycerin evaporation. AR grade glycerin is recommended. Pharmacy-sold glycerin is not good. It is too thin, diluted with water, so It produces less smoke.

    The machine is powered by 1 lithium-polymer battery, or more simply, it is charged from the mains.
    Any wire for charging, like micro-usb, is suitable. Charging cable not included.
  • How long do the batteries and the glycerin last?
    If the smoke generator is turned on continuously, the charge will last for 20-25 minutes. But if it is used in normal mode with periodic ons and offs, the total operating time will increase by 2-3 times.

    If you use the smoke machine only for performances, one charge should be enough for 5-8 gigs. If your rehearsals are long, then one charge will last for 10-15 hours of rehearsals.

    It is not recommended to fully discharge the battery, since this will shorten its life.
    The consumption of glycerin is difficult to calculate, because it is very small. On average, 1 ml of glycerin is spent during 1-hour rehearsal with a smoke machine. The capacity of the smoke machine glycerin container is about 3 ml. It is necessary to replenish glycerin when there in about 1 ml left in the container, therefore, without refuelling, it can work for about 5 hours of rehearsals.

    I recommend checking the fluid level quite often, after about 2-4 performances. In this way you are guaranteed to protect your smoke generator from drying out and its spiral from overheating.

    The spiral life span has not yet been determined, because no one has burned one yet. Complete with the smoke machine there is 1 replacement spiral. Soon, a video with a spiral replacement instructions will be uploaded here.
  • Precautionary measures:
    The smoke machine is afraid of neither water nor detergent. All connections within the housing are hermetically sealed. But do not let the drops into the tray with detergent. If this happens, you need to remove the upper part of the smoke machine housing and drain the detergent from the inside. The detergent can only get inside through the purge tubes.

    If there is a lot of detergent inside the smoke machine and it got into the glycerin container, then you need to replace all the glycerin before turning the machine on.
  • Who is the manufacturer?
    The smoke machine is exclusively developed and manufactured by us. From drawings to assembly.
  • Materials:
    • Solid tech plastic
    • Stainless steel
  • The kit includes:
    • Smoke generator
    • 2 tubes, 1 short and 1 long
    • 1 battery
    • Tube with glycerin, 100 ml
    • 1 replacement spirals
The smoke machine kit includes glycerin. But we can't send the glycerin. This substance is prohibited for air transport. Therefore, we recommend that you buy glycerin in advance in your country.

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205 g
Charges from the mains (battery / mains operation)
Stainless steel, plastic
Frame color
Only black