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Main Video Course

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I have other courses, tailored especially for you:

Course on a glowing desk use
Course on a vertical frame use
Theoretical course
This course is suitable for those who are not at all familiar with bubble shows, as well as for animators or artists who have at least some experience.

From my experience of teaching artists, I know that many do not pay much attention to technology, which is why their bubbles burst much more often.
The main course of video tutorials
What you get:
  • Detailed analysis of the main bubble show tricks.
  • Analysis of the basic mistakes and inaccuracies that even experienced artists have.
  • I show and tell about each trick techniques.
  • This course alone is enough to become a top-notch bubble show artist.
  • My personal recommendations on the bubble blowing technique.
  • Course duration – 1 hour 40 minutes.
To create a quality act and an interesting program, I recommend that you also study my theoretical course on bubble shows. From it you will learn how to choose the right costume and music for your program, what your assistant should do, what surprises" are waiting for you at the venues of your performances and much more.
I filled this course with all that I can and I know from my bubble shows experience. I'm sure you will succeed.
What is included in the course:
  • Preparatory exercises
    This is a set of tasks that will help develop the so-called "bubble feeling". Doing simple tasks you will learn to more skillfully perform bubble tricks. With their help, it will be easier for beginners to master a number of tricks and understand the "mechanics" of working with detergent.
  • Block of "manual" tricks
    The hand tricks block includes more than 25 elements. It comprises: working with a string, plucking and splitting bubbles, tricks with smoke and fire, juggling, connecting bubbles, volcanoes, beads, my most interesting "bundles of tricks", tricks with tubes. You will learn how to make beautiful and spectacular elements of the show with your bare hands.
  • Using wands
    This unit includes the work with all wands up to 30 cm in diameter presented on my website. There are more than 20 elements of the show. You will also learn how to do such tricks as: tennis, blow-ins, the net, the spinning, the bagel and many others. I will tell you in detail how to properly do the throwaways, how to reduce foaming when working with wands. I'll explain why some beginners often burst bubbles and tell you what to do to prevent this from happening.
  • The giant bubbles block
    This section is mainly dedicated to working with bubble trains. This block includes the work with all wands from my price list with a diameter of over 30 cm, with outdoor props and with the Human inside Bubble set. After studying this section, you will learn how to make really long bubbles and master more than 20 elements of the show. I will tell you how to blow ordinary and sectional bubble trains, how to work with outdoor props and how to place people inside a soap bubble. And traditionally, we will focus on the basic mistakes that might ruin the impression of your program and do not allow you to make a high-quality show.
  • I recommend starting your practice with preparatory exercises for beginners. With their help, you will learn to "feel" your bubbles. You will practice the necessary technical skills to perform hand stunts and tricks with wands. Doing these exercises for beginners is a must! Then you will save a lot of time at the rehearsal. Such a skill will help you master more complex tricks with ease.
  • No need to do the whole course in 1 day. I advise you to start with the exercises; as soon as the bubbles begin to "obey you" – move straight to the hand block. And only having mastered it, move on to your wands.
  • The main thing in rehearsal is constancy, consistency and patience. Same as in sports – you cannot get in shape in 1 day, even if you practice 24 hours in a row.
  • If you rehearse at least 2 hours a day, in 1-2 weeks you will be able to master most of the elements of the show and start improvising and performing.
All my soap bubble show video courses
The total cost of video courses is $130
Main Video Course

A detailed analysis of the main tricks, personal recommendations, an explanation of the implementation technology.
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Theory-Related Video Course
I'll tell you about creating a number, an image, give examples of portfolios, platforms for promotion.

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Video Course on Vertical Frame
I will show and tell you how to perform tricks on the vertical, I will work out each trick in detail.

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Video course on the glowing desk
I will tell and show the basic tricks on the light table, I will work through the links between the tricks, I will analyze the Medusa trick in detail.
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Package Includes:
Main Video Course
Video Course on Vertical Frame
Theory-Related Video Course
Video course on the glowing desk