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Individual training

Do you prefer an individual approach and a maximum of time given to you? Then individual training will suit you.
Class time
2 days
Number of students
Maximum 3 people
Waiting for you:
Live communication
Individual plan
Answers on questions
What the participants say
  • Ольга Утина, г. Гаджиево
    Людочка, доброй ночи!Наконец-то, я после нашей с вами учебы, решилась начать выступать! Хочу с Вами поделиться своими успехами, дети и родители в восторге!!!Для меня это самое главное!!!Спасибо Вам большое за ту базу, которую Вы мне дали!!!Буду стремиться к большему!!!
  • Данил Филиппов, г. Димитровград
    Друзья, для каждого профессионала важно обучение.
    Я прошел обучение у крутого мастера, у чудесного спикера в Шоу пузырей — Людмилы Дарьиной. Теперь еще больше новых трюков и волшебства.
  • Анастасия Розова, Санкт-Петербург
    А на днях я прошла очное обучение у Людмилы Дарьиной @darinashow - профессионала в области мыльного жанра, рекордсмена книги рекордов Гиннеса. Научилась проделывать трюки, о которых раньше даже не догадывалась!
Unlike the other kinds of training, individual learning is better because I can give a lot of time to you only. The difference between training one person and four persons is obvious. It will be easier for you to understand the analogy with a sports coach. A coach can train one athlete or four at a time. In the case of one athlete - for a short period of time the maximum result is achieved.

Advantages :
  • It all starts with the consideration of your individual tasks. My students' examples of tasks who have already been trained: work only on children's events, work only on adult events, making a performance for the big stage, updating the program, working on a variety of sites. A more precise statement of the problem allows me to focus more attention on the necessary points of the training program. This means for you that you will receive only actual information.

  • A full-fledged training with my participation tete-a-tete. This training will help you to see quickly any mistake in the performance of a trick. This is an opportunity for you to learn the technique more quickly and efficiently and start making a performance.

  • Live communication with me. It means for you that the training will be conducted in the most understandable form. You can get inspired and motivated to your further productive work.
  • In the process of learning you will understand which elements you like most and with what kind of props you are ready to work. It means for you that you will be able to save your money and purchase only the right equipment that will be useful to you in the work.

  • You will have a good chance to ask all your questions and even the ones which can appear in the process of preparation for performances. This is an opportunity for you to save your time, not to waste it on looking for the answers to individual questions in different sources.

  • According to the task, the training gives an opportunity to prepare for the performances at the initial stage. Together we will be able to analyze your chosen music tracks, evaluate the ideas of stage images for performances. For you, it is a good opportunity of professional start.
  • Individual training allows you to create a list of tricks that are suitable for your performance. We will choose those ticks that are suitable for your stage image, your music, and with which you can go out in public in the near future. For you it is a good opportunity to start working immediately after training.
My standard program for training in a small group:

What is performance? And how do you build performance for different age categories?
Adult program. How do you built performance? What should be the interactive part?
Children's program. Features of children's interactive. Different types of a program. Dramatization, birthday, big event in the kindergarten or school.
How should you choose an assistant? How should the assistant be hired? What should the assistant do? How should the assistant be controlled?
What should you start creating your number with? What is the main idea? What is the style?
How should the storyline be built? How should music be tied to it?
Some examples of successful stage images of our colleagues. Advice on the selection of the costume.
How should a music track be made? Where the music should be taken from? How do you know that the music is right?
Recommendations for hair, make-up. How should the stage image be emphasized and the style of the performance be observed?
Consultation on interaction with colleagues in the event industry
How should you become saleable? How do you get people to talk about you?
What kind of photos does a bubble show artist need? How should you organize the photo session for making the selling photos? What technical specifications should be given to the photographer and videographer? Which videos should be included in the selling videos? Where should you post your portfolio?
What kind of advertising works for a bubble show?
Do you need a website? What should you post on it?
How should a content plan for social networks be created? What should be published? How often? What should not be published?
Personal brand. How does it work? And how do you start creating it?
Most of the day will be devoted to rehearsals and the rest of the day to the study of the theory.
Practical part of the program:
You will learn to make bubbles with your hands
You will learn to work fully with smoke and fire
You will learn basic skills of working without props
Large block with simple wands - 10 and 20 cm. Use of one wand at a time, in pairs and as a part of complex tricks
Working with a small Bubble-maker experience
You will learn to do spectacular stunts with a wand Volcano
You will learn how to make the right outliers from wands 30 and 45 cm
You will learn how to surprise the audience with loops from all large wands
We work with immersion of a person in a bubble. How to make giants from the bottom tray
You will learn how to use street props indoors and outdoors (in summer)
You will learn to work on the light table. We will make basic constructions. We will use smoke and fire to work on the light table
You will learn how to do spectacular tricks with tubes without using the light table
You will learn how to make bubbles filled with steam
You will learn how to work with a steam generator on the light table
You will learn how to work on the vertical frame
You will learn the features of working with vertical film

  • The program of practice can be changed depending on your training level.
  • Places can be booked when you make payment. Prepayment is non-refundable. You can postpone the date of training in agreement with Lyudmila.
  • In my blog there is a Memo for those coming to Moscow for training, be sure to read it if you go from another city.