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Star Wand


Product Description
The metal frame wand is designed in the shape of a star with a 20-cm ribbed rubberized handle. The Star's size is 30 centimeters at its widest part.
The Shape
The main feature of the wand is its shape. It's rather your act decoration than its functional element. This wand looks great in photos. Kids love them. I used them for the heroes of the occasion to emphasize that they are the "stars" of the party.
Where to use?
This wand can be used both during the act and while working with the audience. It can make free floating bubbles as well as sleeves. Just to blow into it to get the waterfall of the small bubbles.
The classic and most popular performance of the racket is made blue. BUT we can change the color to red or black.
Size choice
The classic color of this wand is black. If desired, it can be replaced by the one that suits you better. You can also ask to change the size of the wand, the number of segments and the length of the handle. Just specify the desired parameters during your order negotiation with me.

90 g
The size of the working part
30 cm
Frame material
Stainless steel
Frame color
Only black
Frame paint
Polymer, anticorrosive
The size of the handle
20 cm
Winding material
Winding color