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  • Dimensions and material
    The wand is made of ABS plastic. This is our only wand made of plastic. It is not as sturdy as the steel ones. Therefore, there is no warranty for this racket.

    The diameter of the ring is 17 centimeters, the hole is 2 centimeters and the length of the handle is 18 centimeters.
  • How to use it?
    It is a kind of a platform for performing tricks, which are usually performed on the second tier of the glowing table.

    In the first place, the wand is designed for the "smoke overflow" trick. I blow a smoky bubble on the wand's top, then from below I attach a regular one. I use a thin tube to burst the film in the hole. The smoke flows from the upper bubble to the lower one. After a complete flow the hole is blocked by a new film. It can be broken again and you'll get the "Volcano" trick. The smoke will go up in a fountain.
  • Color solution
    The classic color for manufacturing is black.
  • Who can use it?
    The wand is used in conjunction with a smoke machine. It is suitable for both children's and adult activities. It is suitable both for advanced users and animators.

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120 g
17 сm
Hole diameter
2 сm
Frame color
Only black
Handle length
18 сm
ABS plastic