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The Beads Outdoor Prop


  • The Beads outdoor prop consists of the main 1-meter long tubed handles and braided rope part. The handles are protected with rubber for comfort. The rope part consists of a synthetic material which is not affected by soap solution.
  • What can it make?
    The main function of this bubble show tool is the creation of multiple large free-floating bubbles. The resulting bubbles have a diameter of about 15 – 20 cm.
  • Where is it used?
    This item is suitable for outdoor use. It's very effective to attract the attention of passers-by during promotions. At outdoor children's parties the happy kids will be chasing bubbles, and their huge number will surprise the adults. The second most frequent use are outdoor wedding photo shoots.
  • Advantages
    The great advantage over classical wands is that this item is very portable. It can be easily transported. The handles made of aluminum are very light and strong enough. There is little time required for preparation. All you need is a pail with bubble juice and the Beads. The best gear for outdoor interactive fun!
  • Color
    Classic color – black. If necessary, other colors can be used during manufacture.
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172 g
Handles length
1 meter
Handle colors
Only black
Handle material
Rubber-coated aluminum
Rope part
5mm synthetic cord
Rope colors
Red, blue, black
Span width
1,2 m
Bubble sizes
15-20 cm
Number of rings
10 pieces
Ring width
10-12 cm