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How I deliver props to other countries

How I deliver props to other countries

This article is for those who order props for bubble shows from abroad. These are the countries with props transportation problems. For example, the EU countries.
I'm going to tell you what you should do when you buy props for a soap bubbles show. What are your responsibilities, what are mine?
Rules for shippig props to foreign countries
Firstly, the money transfers that I receive from non-CIS countries basically are not deposited to the settlement account.
Secondly, I do not ship old type trays for Man Inside Bubble act to the foreign.
In 90% of cases they simply won't reach the customer. Transportation is carried out by air, accordingly, breakages of fragile props often occur.

Thirdly, when sending parcels abroad, I always evaluate them at their real value. The sum of the cargo value is recorded in the shipment documents. This is the amount that I can get back if the items do not reach the buyer. If, for some reason, your parcel disappears or it is broken, I must bear full responsibility.

In order to avoid conflict situations, we completely register the value of the cargo. If something happens to it, we can contact the shipping company and get a refund for their mistakes in transportation of the props for the soap bubbles show.

Props Delivery Time
You must understand that packages shipped to faraway countries can travel for a long time. It can take from 1 to 2 months, this is normal. Although the website can declare a 1-week delivery time. Sometimes it happens in 7 days, but unfortunately, not always.
Case for props transportation
A cover for a set of people in a bubble is standardly made for pallets: 100, 90 and 80 cm. The fabric on the covers is durable synthetic. The main thing is that inside there is a 10 mm thick gasket that allows you to protect the props from impacts and prevents leakage. At events it is also important that props evolved into covers and look presentable. All my prop in the warehouse is stored right in the covers.
Do not forget about customs clearance!
You must specify on your own when importing such parcels to your country whether you have to pay for customs clearance of this cargo. Recently there was such a situation: we sent a 23-thousand-ruble parcel to the UK. We paid for its shipping via EMS mail service (with insurance of 3,700 rubles). In fact, when the parcel arrived in the UK, 120 euros were requested from the recipient for customs clearance of this parcel.

The cost of customs clearance depends on the cost of the items. Here there is a controversial point: I declare the high cost of the cargo, and you have to pay a large amount to the state to get your order. If you ask me to evaluate a parcel of 1 thousand rubles, I can do it. In this case, you should clearly understand that if something happens with this cargo, the cost of reimbursing the parcel's cost from the transport company will be 1 thousand rubles, not more.
Whose responsibility?
I am responsible for your shipment as long as I pack it, inspect it before sending it abroad, prepare it in the proper form for the flight. If I miss something, it's my responsibility. Repeated shipments will be at my expense if the cargo is returned through my fault.

Your responsibility comes a little later. You must know the terms of customs clearance in your country. Maybe there are some peculiarities of the import of certain goods into your country. This is all you need to know. Unfortunately, I can't be aware of the rules for shipping goods to all countries.

You must decide whether to insure your parcel or save money. This is no longer my responsibility. I surrender the goods to the transport company, then the carrier is responsible for it. In my understanding a postal service a carrier too. As soon as the parcel is in your hands, you are responsible for it. If you receive broken props at the post office, you should make a claim against the transport company.

We need to understand the areas of our responsibility and treat each other with respect.
There are several features of delivery of the props for the bubble soap to foreign countries. Absolutely all the goods that are sent to distant countries, will arrive without batteries. They are forbidden to air transport.

The fiery-froth tube will be sent with empty canisters; all markings will be removed from them. Canisters are also prohibited for transportation.
I repeat once more: we do not ship trays for the old version Human inside Bubble act made of PVC. They simply will not survive the flight.
The new version tray for Human inside Bubble
If you want to purchase props for Human inside Bubble act, please pay attention to the new version trays.
New desk
Only the new version desks will go abroad.
One more thing. I cannot send glycerin to foreign countries. It is also prohibited from air transportation.

Clarification: Kazakhstan, Byelorussia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan are neighboring countries (former USSR), it's much easier dealing with them. For representatives of these countries there is a separate article on the delivery of the props.

Please, pay attention to these details when ordering the props for a bubble show from our website. I hope that the information in this article will be useful to you.
For non-CIS countries, there are special features of delivering props for a bubble show.
Payment isn't deposited to the settlement account. Old version trays for Human inside Bubble act are too fragile; I estimate the parcel at its real value.
The parcel may be traveling for 1-2 months.
When you receive the items, you need to clarify whether you will have to pay for its customs clearance.
I am responsible for the parcel until it is shipped, then the responsibility is all yours.
Please remember, that batteries and glycerin can't be shipped by air. The canisters must be empty.
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