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Mat for the soap bubble show


  • Bubble show mats are practical, comfortable to use and do not require a lot of time to care for. We designed these mats specifically for animators – you don't have to wear something heavy and large. But during the tests, I liked them so much that this new
    product will become my faithful assistant. I currently use 4 mats on my work area, which is 3x4 meters in size. I can't say yet whether I will completely give up my favorite rubber-based carpets, but I know for sure that these mats will be with me for both adult and children's events.
  • Is it easy to transport the mats?
    Yes, the mat is compact, mobile and light. It is easy to use and does not require much effort during transportation. Even a few mats can be placed in a small bag, quickly laid, and after the performance, rolled up and carried away from the site.
  • How well do the mats protect the floor?
    Yes, they protect the floor well and do not leak. Of course, if you pour a large amount of liquid per 1 square meter, then there may be light humidity on the back of it. Due to the composition of two layers-polyamide, viscose, cotton - the mats absorb moisture well and protect the floor. As a result, with standard use, you do not leave traces and dirt, and your work does not cause any inconvenience to anyone.
  • How to care for the mats?
    The new mats are very light and compact, which allows you to wash them in the washing machine and dry them at home. The 2x1.5 meter mat can be dried in the clothes dryer. It easily dries, which distinguishes it from the mats on the rubber basis, which requires long drying. The mat dries completely in 3 hours after washing in the washing machine (be careful with the foam!).

    Unlike fleece mats, the mats produced by us are easy to clean from litter and always look neat. They can be swept with a broom, vacuumed or showered.
  • Are the mats safe?
    Dense two-layer mats do not crumple and do not slide on the floor. Also, the layers do not slide relative to each other. This guarantees a comfortable and safe work of the artist. The edges of the mats are processed, which gives them additional rigidity. It looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, fits snugly to the floor.
  • Is it possible to make mats of different sizes?
    The standard size of the mats is 2x1.5 meters. It is possible to make a mat of a different length with a width of 1.5 meters. If you need a mat of a different width, then there will be a seam in the middle of the product.
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150 cm*200 cm
Polyamide, viscose, cotton
Only black
2250 g.