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The Net Outdoor Prop


The Net outdoor prop is not only a great tool for making soap bubbles in the street but also a great item for performing indoors.
What kind of bubbled can be made with it?
The Net makes it is easy to create giant segmented sleeves. They look like a wall of bubbles. Its significant advantage is that this bubble show tool takes up little space and is easily transported.

The Net and a bubble juice pan are enough to color your animation gig. You can also check out the Triangle and the Beads wands. This is an excellent tool for outdoor promotions and entertainments. The Net can only make sleeves. You won't be able to cut the bubble.
Where can I use it?
You can use it outdoors if there is no wind or the wind is moderate. This tool is indispensable for major venues both indoor and outdoor. The resulting sleeves are very big and bright. The Net can be used for interactive acts. Children and adults can use them for blowing bubbles themselves.
Size and color
Rubberized handle length – 1 meter. Standard color – black. You can ask to change the color to match your set of props.

3D view of goods
Hold and drag left and right to view in 3D

180 g
Handles length
1 meter
Handle colors
Only black
Handle material
Rubber-coated aluminum
Rope part
5mm synthetic cord
Rope colors
Red, blue, black
Span width
1,2 m