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How to Deal with Masters of Ceremonies?

How to Deal with Masters of Ceremonies?

In this article, I'm going to tell you how to work with masters of ceremonies. You come to a wedding reception, an anniversary or a children's party, you see there a master of ceremonies, a sound man. What should you tell them? How to deal with them to make it work?
What Should a Sound Man Do?
My standard situation is as follows: my assistant takes a flash drive with my sound tracks and goes to the sound man. He/she gives him the flash drive, explains that he has to wait for the cue, when we say that we are ready to perform. Then the sound man turns on the music, and the artist (me) begins the show.
What Should a Master of Ceremonies Do?
You should also approach the master of ceremonies. You need to explain him/her everything in detail, especially if you work with him/her for the first time. It is very important. The MC has to be aware of the fact that you need time to prepare for the show. You need to roll out your carpet, arrange the props. To do this, you need an empty site where people do not dance. The MC should clearly understand this.
The MC has to announce your show on your count. You need to specify it.
There were a lot of funny cases when they announced like this: "And now Lyudmila Darina with her act". And then my assistant runs to the music that already started, with the carpet and screams that we are not ready yet. It does not look very pretty. Especially if you travel with your lighting equipment. This is an absolutely unacceptable situation, everything should be arranged nicely beforehand. Therefore, be sure to discuss these issues with the MC.
It's also worth telling the MC that after you finish he/she doesn't have to announce a dancing pause immediately, because you need time to clean everything up. After a bubble show, it's good to arrange some act when the guests remain seated at the tables and do not get up. After all, you need to remove the carpets, roll the tables away, you have to clean everything and wipe it dry so that no one slips and falls down. In general, there are many cases when I'm still putting people inside my bubble, and the MC yells: "Come here to dance!" And they all walk on the wet carpet, leave footprints, etc.
Ideal and Rare Situation
Of course, the ideal situation is when you negotiate everything with the MC in advance, even before the event itself. But, unfortunately, this does not always happen. Not all MCs want to discuss this on the phone, it seems to them that this is all insignificant and uninteresting. I have had few attempts to communicate with the MCs beforehand, but it was no use. Probably only 30 percent of the MCs were ready to conduct a dialogue with me and listen to what I wanted from them. Therefore, most often you have to discussed the detail on the spot.

Preparatory moments are very important; they should not be neglected. Therefore, instruct your assistant, that he/she needs to talk with the MCs explain them all the nuances. Try to explain all this to you customers as well.
It is necessary to work in close contact with a MC and a sound man, you need to explain all the nuances to them.
Tell them that you will give a cue for your announcement and the music.
Explain them that you need time and a vacant site to prepare for the performance and to wrap everything up afterwards.
The ideal situation is when you discuss everything with the MC in advance, before the event. But this does not happen often.
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