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Taking care of the props and storing the bubble detergent?

Taking care of the props and storing the bubble detergent?

In this article I will tell you about caring of bubble show props and detergent storage.

I must say that it will be about the props that we sell. I just do not know any details about other kinds.
Taking care of plastic wands?
It is a very simple technique. More precisely, they do not need much care. It is enough to rinse them with water every two or three months, only if they are filthy. If you see that they are dirty, they are unpleasant to hold, just wash them.
Plastic bubble maker
Taking care of metal wands?
They, too, can occasionally be washed and wiped dry. If you have completed several shows, and now your props will remain in a closed case for a long time, then it is better to wipe a wand dry. Because it is too bad when they are kept in wet environment. Anyway, it's metal. At least try to open the case when you come back from the show to let them dry little by little.

The same goes for desks (Props, Desk), and trays. No need to rinse them clean with water each time. If you have the energy and time for this, then do it, if not, then don't even bother. Just wipe them with a dry cloth after the show. It is better to carry disposable rags with you so that you can wipe them immediately. Because, in any case, soap will accumulate on all the upper surfaces. When the water evaporates, an unattractive thick goo will remain. Of course, it's better to clean it all at once.

Well, take care of your stuff as they get dirty and apply reasonable efforts. Our wands are made of stainless steel, so they last infinitely. There will be no corrosion on them.

Metal Chamomile wand
How to care for the carpet?
Carpets must be dried. After the show, they are soaked with detergent. You'll have to look for a room where you can hang it to dry. Someone dries them in the stairwell, someone negotiates with the house management and dries them the basement. I have my own premises, I dry them there. Before that, I used to dry them on the fence of a nearby school. So, look for suitable ways.

After some time, the carpet can be washed at a carpet wash. The task for the washer is simple – wash off glycerin and Fairy dishwashing liquid. Explain that it is impossible to completely wash off the foam. You know that this is simply unrealistic.
I have a 2 by 4 carpet, i.e. 8 square meters. I do not know about your location, but here, on average, washing a carpet costs about 200 rubles per square meter. Our carpets are very foamy. Most often, carpet washes do not accept my carpet, because they realize what kind of client I am and what I do with this carpet. If the carpet is unusable, but you feel that you need to wash it, then it is still easier to buy a new one. This carpet is sold at Leroy Merlin for 320 rubles per square meter. I believe that the price difference is so small, so do not be too preoccupied with this. 2,500 rubles easily pays off after one show. Therefore, washing the carpet is absolutely meaningless, except if you have a cottage and a Karcher unit. Please do wash and dry the carpet as many times as you want.
Actually, it is better to have two carpets. While one of them is being dryed, the other is working. This works if you have lots of bookings. The blog contains an article that will help you choose a floor covering for a bubble show (Choose a floor covering for a bubble show).
Carpet for the performance is a must
How to store the bubble show detergent?
Detergents are different. As for mine, I tell about it to each client upon purchase (Detergent formula). But there are some general rules. I'll tell you about the detergents I have worked with myself. I have not worked with concentrates, I will not say anything about them, I do not know anything about their storage.
Most bubble detergents work at normal room temperature
Most bubble detergents work at normal room temperature.
The detergent immediately from the refrigerator is unlikely to work well. A hot one will also not work as well as we would like it to. If you work every day, or every other day, then there is no particular reason to put the detergent in the refrigerator. If you know that you will not work for a week, then it makes sense to store it in the fridge.

Attention!!! A freshly prepared detergent is never to be put in the refrigerator, because the ingredients won't not blend with each other. There'll be some goo on the bottom, and soapy water on top.
Well, I've covered all the basic rules. There is nothing supernatural here. It is clear that for each detergent (How to buy a detergent for a bubble show?) each author, a user attributes his/her own features, for example, keep it open, keep it closed, store in a dark place, in a light environment, etc.
Here, it is important to understand that the detergent is a liquid which contains various sucrose among other stuff. It can ferment, especially when dirt gets inside. Dirt gets into the detergent naturally- from hands and props.
I don't know about concentrates, maybe there is a high content of preservatives. People who pay a lot for a liter of detergent really often think about the long storage of the expensive detergent. I do not see the point in all this.

Just proceed from the reasonable thinking when it comes to the care of the props as well as the storage of the detergent. Nothing special needs to be done. But it is not worth forgetting about it completely.
For convenience, we present the main ideas of this article in the table:
It is simple to care for plastic wands, it is enough to wash them with water once every two or three months.
Metal wands, too, are to be rinsed from time to times. It should be remembered that the metal is subject to corrosion, so do not keep the props in humid environment, let it dry.
Carpet should be periodically dried after performances. When it becomes necessary to wash the carpet, look for the money. It may be easier to buy a new one.
Bubble detergents work at normal room temperature. If you don't work with the diluted detergent for a long time, put it in the fridge.
There is nothing supernatural in caring for the props and detergent storage. Just be reasonable but not neglect it completely.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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