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How does a good bubble juice work?

How does a good bubble juice work?

Detergents for bubble shows can universal and specialized. Universal ones are used for all tricks. Specialized, respectively, are intended for certain tricks. There are whole sets of detergents, for example, a detergent for giants, a detergent for tricks, a desk detergent, a caterpillar or carousel solution, etc.
The practice shows that most often artists use either one universal detergent (Detergent recipe) for everything, or two detergents. In this case, one will be for the giants, the second for the tricks part and medium bubbles. In my opinion, of course, it is more convenient to use a universal detergent, but the choice is yours.

Requirements for the solution:

1.Good properties for hand bubbles
The detergent must work well if we make bubbles with our hands. I.e., if you make a circle of hands, blow into it, then a large number of bubbles should fly out.
Blow into the film between hands.
Make bubbles on the palms. Then make a ring by fingers and blow.
We have a bubble on the palm.
We work with a rope. Make a stream of small bubbles.
2. Good properties for blow-ins
The stretchy detergent should be great for blown-ins. The bubble should host at least 10 blown-in bubbles. Even if a person does not know the art of bubbles and does not know how to do blow-ins, then from the second or third attempt with this detergent he/she will ultimately blow-in one or three bubbles. Of course, you can become so skillful that you'll do blow-ins even using a poor detergent. I, for example, can blow into ordinary bubbles "Funny idea", but this is not proper detergent for work. Anyone can do blow-ins using good detergent.
We catch the bubble, bring it to our face and start to blow it with soft but sharp exhalations.
We try to blow-in as many bubbles as possible. Gradually, the bubbles will drop down and stick to the bottom soap film. A large foam forms.
3. A large number of bubbles
With a good quality detergent, a large number of bubbles will fly from the wand. Let's say we take 20 cm wand (Props, 20-cm Wand), a wand 20 cm in diameter, dip into the tray and start throwing bubbles away.
If you have fewer than six bubbles out of this wand, you should change the formula of the detergent. Also check your detergent using a bubble maker (What is a Bubble-Maker?). There must be a lot of bubbles to make your act spectacular.

As for the detergent for giants, here are some tips.
4. The sleeves made from giants should not burst
Sleeves should stretch well. Just raise the wand and take a walk with it.

But here there are some nuances. It is necessary to understand that the reason for the sleeves bursting can be not only a poor detergent. The actual reason can be purely technical. All surfaces with which the sleeve comes in contact must be wet. If you have a dry edge, no matter how great the detergent is, the bubble will burst. Or your bubble accidentally touches the handle of a hoop or your elbow and it bursts. There are a lot of such examples. It's a matter of your technique of handling bubbles, and the methods of teaching.
The word "sleeve" has several meanings among the bubble show artists. It can be a huge tube of soap film. Or maybe this is what remains after the work of bubble maker. In any case, it's beautiful.
Try to make a bubble from the street props.
5. A decent number of bubbles
A wand, for example, 45-cm one too (Props, 45-cm Wand), must produce a decent number of bubbles. At least three.
I know that there are such detergents, when you get only one bubble, sometimes none. These are bad secrets of detergents.
6. Full-length human inside a bubble
You should be easily able to place a person inside your bubble (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set). You place a person inside, raise the hoop.
This is a photo from my concert. I use a pallet and a hoop of 1.5 meters. This hoop raised with both hands. Otherwise, it scrolls in the hand
The bubble must stand for 4-5 seconds, so that guests and viewers can see it, and photographers take a few shots.
He/she should be able to stand inside for at least 4-5 seconds. You should be easily able to make a rainbow, i. t. place one person inside the hoop, with another person standing nearby, and cover them with a rainbow. This should work hassle-free.

Watch the video from my evening bubble show at a wedding reception.
We have now considered the properties of a soap liquid under ideal conditions, when you work in a windless room.
Detergents for bubble shows can be universal and specialized. Universal are more convenient;
A good detergent should allow you making bubbles by hands that must stay on your palms for some time;
At least 10 bubbles should be blown into a good detergent;
A good detergent lets you produce a large number of bubbles with a wand having one soap film, without dipping it repeatedly;
Sleeves of giant bubbles made from good detergent should not burst;
A good detergent should produce a decent amount of giant bubbles;
A good detergent should allow you to cover a person full-length and make a rainbow.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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