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Overview of Bubble Generators for Bubble Shows

Overview of Bubble Generators for Bubble Shows

For those who are in bubble shows, generators are needed in two cases: for renting and for using them in your shows. We are interested in the second option, so I will tell about it in detail.
What Kinds of Bubble Generators are Available?
They are of two kinds.
The first is children's generators in a form of a plastic toy. They can only be used at a children's party. In principle, you can take such a generator and walk around with it among children. For more fun, come up with some kind of game. But at a grownups show, there is no point in using such toys, because they produce very few bubbles. And it will even look inappropriate. The audience will be disappointed.
Example number one.
Example number two. The principle is the same. Powered by batteries.
The second type is professional bubble generators. I use these generators in my bubble shows. They are sold in music stores. They come in different variants.
1) Small bubble generators with soap wheel These are quite compact devices, they often have one wheel that rotates with a soap film, and one fan to create air flow. The wind is blowing, the wheel is spinning, the bubbles are flying. This generator must be set or hang on to something. If it stands on the floor, then the ejection of bubbles upwards is not strong enough. It turns out that the bubbles fly at the waist level but not higher. This is not very spectacular. Therefore, it has to be put somewhere higher. This is not always possible. If you use such a generator during the show, then you need to think in advance where to hang it. It might be a rack for light or sound equipment.
Examples of such a generator in the photo:
Small bubble generator with a blue disc. The control panel allows you to turn it on and off.
Single disc bubble generator with one fan. The control panel and the unit that receives signals from the console.
Сolor brown metallic.
An example of a bubble generator on the rack in order to make the bubbles fly high.
    2) Large bubble generators with a soap wheel.
    These generators have two wheels for bubble-making. There are 2 fans that inflate air into the bubbles. Plus two more fans from below which propel soap bubbles upwards.
    These generators weigh about 10-14 kilograms. There are wheels on mine, you can easily roll them around the stage. They are rather bulky and heavy. There must have more detergent, they are harder to transport, but they give much more bubbles. One such generator is enough for a regular stage, for example, for a wedding in a banquet hall. If there are 2 of such units, then you can cover the entire hall with bubbles along with guests and treats.
    Examples of two-disk bubble generators in the photo:
    The principle of operation of the generator, which raises the bubbles up to the ceiling. With the help of two additional fans, the bubbles are directed upward by the air flow.
    The generator with two disks and two fans. Rear view. Connectors from left to right. 1- 220V mains, 2- switch / mode switch is always on / controller, 3 – connector for connecting the receiver from the control panel.
    There are fans down here too. They are hidden behind the holes in the generator housing.
    3) Generators with a drum.
    There are also generators that do not have a round wheel to grab soap. A drum is used to form bubbles. Such generators release bubbles quite high. They are small in size and easier to carry. I still can't get one of those, because they are not available in Omsk, and must be ordered separately. Such generators are more expensive. An ordinary generator costs about 4,000 rubles, and this one will cost 7-10 thousand rubles. But the bubbles fly high and there are lots of them. Drum generators boast high productivity due to the design of the rings on which the soap film is formed. The rings are arranged in such a way that the soap solution drains more slowly, which means more of it will remain on the ring and more bubbles will fly out. And the air flow blows through the front and rear rings, which provides better wettability of the front blowing rings.
    As an example, I chose this generator. Mind that with a modest size and weight, it has 3 drums, from which bubbles fly out.
    Very interesting perspective. Fans and drums with soap rings from which bubbles will fly are also visible. The detergent for bubble generators is poured directly into the generator. There the rings are wetted inside the machine and a film is formed.
    The rear part is classic: connectors for 220V mains and a controller and a switch.
    Comparison table of such generators:
    Drum Generators
    How to Use Generators in a Bubble Show?
    Bubble generators are used most often at the show's beginning, in the middle of a number along with a bubblemaker (Props, large bubblemaker), at appearance of the heroes of the occasion or at the very end – at curtain call.
      • 1
        At the beginning of your number you can use bubbles as a decoration of an elegant artist's coming on stage. The bubble show begins, the generator is turned on, the bubbles start flying, the artist comes onto the stage. It turns out very entertaining.
      • 2
        In the middle of a number, a bubble generator is used after the bubblemaker (Props, small bubblemaker). You wave it, a lot of bubbles appear and the generator is on in the background to fill the whole area for the performance. Such a move gives entertainment and volume to the entire number.
      • 3
        At the end of the show, the generator is turned on when the heroes of the occasion come out. This option is particularly loved by the audience. Newlyweds can dance in the bubble rain.
      More operation details:
      It is clear that a bubble generator does not have to work during the entire number, because otherwise, against the background of so many small bubbles, all your work, all your tricks with your hands and with the props (Props) will be lost.

      Also, do not combine the work of the generator of bubbles and soap trains making, giant bubbles or Human inside Bubble (Props,Human inside Bubble). It is very likely that small bubbles may burst large ones.

      For example, I uploaded a video of Tatiana Bulanova, where the guys with soap bubbles work in the background. The generator is always on, so their work with the props is blurred against the background of small bubbles.
      How to Control the Bubble Generator?
      The generator is controlled by the remote controls. Almost all manufacturers produce just such units.
      The control most often has only two buttons for primitive functions (on / off). Therefore, it is difficult to get confused. It so happens that there is never a problem with remote controls. Generator's fans break more often than controls. In my opinion, the batteries in the remotes are less likely to disappoint you than the fans.
      During the show of bubbles, you can control the generator yourself, but it will be inconvenient. Here you will need an assistant (Bubble Artist's Assistant) who will clearly know at what time to turn on and off the bubble generator. If there is no assistant at all, then the generator should be used at such moments when you can turn it on yourself from the remote. For example, at the very beginningt. You turn it on, go center stage, turn it off, put down the remote and start working. Or when you call out the heroes of the occasion. You invite them to the microphone, click on the remote. As they go, bubbles fly up. When they approach turn off the generator. If you want to use under the curtain, then it will be very problematic. Because making soap trains and turning the generator on does not work simultaneously.
      About My Experience with Bubble Generators.
      For big shows I use 6 big generators, they stand at the stage edges and 4 small ones that hang on trusses.
      This photo shows how the generators are located at the edges of the stage and above.
      Generators are used on stage several times. At the end of the shows we shower the whole stage with bubbles forming a layer of froth of about 50 cm.
      It is a good idea to use a bubble generator for promotional purposes
      Your advertisement for the bubble show will be noticeable if you drive a car and blow bubbles from a generator. I had a similar advertising campaign experience. Highly recommended.
      In the advertising company of my show there were 3 cars. They drove around the city and left a trail of flying soap bubbles behind.
      Positive moments from using such a bubble generator:
        • Effect: "I see it for the first time"
        • TV effect: "Everyone have seen it, and so have I "
        • Effect of the topic: "We surprise by what we advertise"
        • The effect of word of mouth, I want to tell others about what I saw.
        There are some negative things:
        • The machine gets dirty quickly, dust easily sticks to the detergent traces.
        • In the parking lot, the bubble generator has to be put in the car to save it from stealing.
        • The detergent splashes out when driving on rough roads.
        How it is done?
        The generator is connected via a 12 / 220V car voltage converter. To fasten it, use a car seat belt to secure the load.
        To all my students, I recommend to put advertising stickers about your show of bubbles on the car.
        For a bubble show, it is better to use a professional generator that blows bubbles up high – right up to the ceiling.
        Soap disk generators can be small or large. Larger generators give more bubbles that fly higher. But they weigh more.
        Drum generators produce a lot of bubbles to a decent height. They are compact, convenient, and as a result – more expensive.
        A generator can be turned on at the beginning of your number – during the artist's coming on stage, in the middle – after the bubble maker, or at the end – when they callon stage the heroes of the occasion or for curtain calls.
        A generator is not supposed to work during entire number. When using it, be careful so that it does not interfere with other elements of the show.
        During the show it is better to invite an assistant for the purpose of generator operation. Bubble generator is perfect for advertising your.
        Props from my store
        Props, with which the artist looks decent
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