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Magical Smoke. Fresh Overview of Smoke Machines for Bubble Shows

Magical Smoke. Fresh Overview of Smoke Machines for Bubble Shows

Smoke in bubble shows is an essential element. It looks bright, spectacular and adds some magic and mystery to the act. Just imagine: a transparent soap bubble is filled with smoke, it becomes white and acquires clear contours.
Doesn't it look like magic? Spectators are ecstatic, then go loud ovations and long stories to friends about the incredible show of soap bubbles.
Smoky bubbles
Are one of my favorite elements of the show, so I strongly recommend to every bubble show artist to acquire the gear. In order to make it easier for you to choose, below is an overview of smoke generators suitable for the show.

In my blog, there is already an article about smoke generators. This is its new version, supplemented with new thoughts and ideas.
Smoke Toy Gun
The first improvised smoke generator was the American development, which was in fact a children's toy. It worked from batteries; when you pulled the trigger, smoke rings started to come out. I've used three of such toys. A smoke gun is convenient and very simple to operate, but it's not very reliable. When the detergent gets on the batteries, such smoke machine breaks down.

Currently, this option has been losing its popularity and is becoming a history. It can still be found on the Internet, but to do a bubble show you will need several such machines at the same time.
A Smoke Generator for Discotheques
The second option is a disco smoke generator, which many of you are familiar with. It looks great together with a glowing desk, it produces a lot of smoke, adds extra appeal to the show. But even the most compact models weigh about three kilograms. Other drawbacks are the cables that are on your way on the stage during the performance, and a strong smoke flow, which can result in skin burns.

Генераторы дыма на основе электронной сигареты
Довольно популярны генераторы дыма на основе электронных сигарет. В трубку вставляется перевернутая сигарета, при подаче воздуха пузыри наполняются дымом.
Конечно, сделать такой генератор дыма очень просто. Только получится не самый профессиональный вариант, с моей точки зрения. Сигареты при намокании выходят из строя. Плюс ко всему контакт артиста шоу пузырей с сигаретой, хоть и электронной, не всем приятен.

Cigarettes and hookahs
Some artists use smoking of regular cigarettes, hookahs and vapes as smoke generators. But, you will agree that smoking on stage does not look very nice, and for girls it is generally unacceptable. As for a children's holidays, it is absolutely inappropriate.

Recently, the show organizers have begun to hide vapes or conceal them use special designs with heads, but the problem of leakage doesn't go away.
Smoke machine for bubble shows
The most professional option is the smoke machine, designed specifically for the show of soap bubbles. These generators are compact, easy to use, robust and leak-proof.
During the show, anything can happen: the props can fall, you can step on it, drop something, spill the detergent. Having taken all this into account, we created a solid and reliable machine. I love robust things, that is why our new generation smoke machine can withstand liquids and impacts; it will serve you for a long time!
The generator is totally leak-proof, it can be charged using a USB port, it is compact and lightweight, which makes it convenient in operation.

I will tell you a secret: we are planning to develop another machine, which will perfectly match your glowing desk and will assist in the "Medusa" trick. But the details will be revealed later!

So, smoke in bubble shows is a must! Which option you choose is up to you. I wish you fabulous shows, grateful spectators and the realization of all of your ideas.
Smoke in a bubble show is an entertaining and necessary element.
Smoke toy gun is not leak-proof, detergent can get on batteries.
Disco generators are too heavy, they are not always convenient in transportation.
The generator made of an electronic cigarette is easy to make, but it quickly breaks down.
Cigarettes and hookahs are not always acceptable for bubble show artists.
Professional smoke machine for a bubble show is to be compact, leak-proof and reliable.
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