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Why is it bad to use other people's photos?

Why is it bad to use other people's photos?

There are people who believe that using other people's photos is ok. I consider that it is a shame, it's bad, even ugly. I will cite a few examples, I hope you will understand me.
Uncle Misha's Diner
Imagine that in some small town in some club they are going to hold a concert with local amateur artists. They will sing cover songs of Elvis Presley and other famous stars. A photo of Elvis is placed on the poster. The audience will come and see the performances of not very famous artists and will be at a loss. Their expectations will not coincide with reality.

Or, for example, some circus posters show faces of famous Zapashny Brothers tamers. People buy tickets to see the famous brothers. In fact, they will see some unknown artists with poor-quality numbers.

Or another such example. An advertising booklet with a photo of the Tsarskaya Ohota Restaurant from Moscow gets into your hands, but in fact it is the Uncle Misha's Diner, which is located somewhere near Novosibirsk. Ugly approach, don't you agree?
My dear newbies, do not take my photos from my concert …
The same goes for the bubble show. It is not good to sell a product that is not.

For example, you have your own, not the strongest, program with bubbles, and you borrow a photo from my show. It is clear that the audience won't see what they expected. If you do not have your own photo, then most likely you are blowing bubbles recently and you are still far from my expertise.
I give my photos in exceptional cases only to my students, and only for the first time, since they do not have their own shows. I choose photos that do nor expose my face. I also give them my videos, but definitely not from my concert. These are usually videos from my first gigs. I do it on purpose so that it does not differ much from the shows my newly minted students offer.

It is very bad when people in some other city use photos with me. Especially if there are my students in this city who once used my pictures. Please, don't get me wrong, I advertise throughout Russia. I train people. And out of the blue, in some small town, my photos appear, as if I work there. It is not true. I am generally for the truth to be everywhere. To each according to his deserts, as they say. And if you cannot inflate a giant bubble yourself, do not use images with it. If you can inflate such a bubble, inflate it yourself and take a picture.
Do not fool your customers!
I've invested in my photos that I have now. I hired a photographer, put out the lights, purchased the costume, the props . It all costs money. Why should someone use my photos and sell themselves using them?
These photos are freely available, in Yandex, VKontakte, why can't someone use them?
Yes, they are, but they are for the purpose of my promotion only. Or for your home use. If you posted my bubble photo on your page with a bubble and signed it "Cool Bubble Show from Omsk", this is one thing. But if you add your contact details under my photo, this is completely different. This is dishonest, ugly, and embarrassing.
I am offended even more by the cases when they take my photos and write right under them that they will teach you to blow bubbles. I believe that if you promise to teach someone, be so kind as to show them your work results and things you know how to do. Why give someone else's training for their own.
Actually, we take photos and videos mainly to show them to our customers. They look at our capabilities, skills, the way we look during our performances, what props we use. If we use someone else's photo, we deceive them. Let's be honest to each other and to our customers. We will try to take our own photos. It doesn't cost so much money, it's just a shame when someone else uses the products of your labor.
It's ugly to use other people's photos in any activity, including bubble shows.
You should not take a photo showing what you cannot do. This is cheating.
Photos and videos are worth the cost. Invest yourself and use them. It's not worth it, borrowing from others.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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