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How to Buy Props for a Bubble Show?

How to Buy Props for a Bubble Show?

For an experienced bubble show artist, making a choice of accessories for the show is not difficult. He/she already has some basic equipment, and he/she already understands what is used for what purposes.
An experienced artist complements his/her gear with novelties or updates it with better quality props. Experienced bubblers already have an eye for good equipment. It is because they have already experienced all the "delights" of low-quality devices for a bubble show.
For a beginner, the choice of props is quite a difficult task. To gather their own set for the bubble show (Bubble Show Props Review), as a rule, people, without hesitation, buy up all kinds of wands, guided exclusively by the price.

This is the most incorrect and costly approach. It is better to initially purchase several quality and interesting wands that will serve you for many years, than a huge pile of rings for a soap bubble show, some of which you will simply not use.

When I started working in this genre, the choice of props was catastrophically rudimentary. Now they sell props everywhere.
What you should pay attention to when choosing the props for a bubble show:
    • Who is the seller? It's always better if the props for the bubble show are sold by the one who manufactures them and knows how to use them in practice. It's even great if this person or company has some experience in the genre. Look at the videos, photos. Read reviews about the show – everything should be on the decent level. If you like the work of this person, then you will also like the gear with which he/she achieved such results)))
    • How does he/she sell? A good seller, when he/she finds out that you are a beginner, will ask you many questions. To gather your own gear set for a bubble show it is important to understand where you will use it. If you want to dilute your animation program with bubbles for 10-15 minutes, then it's enough to buy a Man inside a bubble tray, (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set) a plate and a couple of wands.
    Human Inside Bubble Set
    What if you decided to perform on big stage? Or travel with your show to perform at adult parties (Bubble Shows for Adult Parties and Celebrations)? Then you will need a glowing desk (Props, Glowing desk), and a work desk (Props, Work desk), and a sufficient number of interesting devices for the bubble show, horns, bubble-makers (Props, Large bubble-makers), as well as fiery bubbles (Props, Fiery Froth tube).
    • What does he/she sell? You can get acquainted with the main types of props for the bubble show here (Bubble Show Props Review). In general, pay attention to how your gear will look like from the outside. There should be some kind of general style. In this case, your future act will look more professional.
    Many people are concerned about the issue of guarantees. First you pay for the props and then they post it to you. If you paid attention to the 3 previous items, then you have nothing to be afraid of. Artists do value their reputation. It is accumulated over the years and costs much more than 10-15 thousand rubles.

    But do not trust everyone without exception. There are good artists, and there are scams.

    And there's another nice feature. If you are going to learn, cooperate and work with an active artist, then you will always have a person at hand who, in case of anything, will advise and help. There are many pitfalls at the beginning of the journey, and advice is always worth a lot.
    Do not buy all kinds of wands solely because of their price.
    When choosing the props, you should pay attention to three aspects: who is the seller, how he/she sells and what he/she sells.
    It is better when the props and the detergent are sold by the artist who puts on his/her own show.
    You need to buy the props so that the general style can be seen in your show.
    Good sellers have quality products, they will not risk their reputation.
    It is better to learn, buy props and mortar from one person.
    Props from my store
    Props, with which the artist looks decent
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