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of the soap bubble shows
more 170 tricks
There are more than 170 elements.

Now I have been doing bubble shows for 10 years. I have been accumulating experience. I have been expanding the technical basis of my skills. I have been improving my methods of teaching bubble show performers. 7 years have passed since our first video course. We have constantly been improving our educational content and we provide you the latest for today video courses for both beginners and experienced performers.
Lyudmila Darina
  • Video courses give well-structured information
    You can find a lot on the internet. But everybody knows about the quality of this information and how suitable it's for learning. You can watch a lot of videos of performer's shows, but don't understand: how to make tricks, why it doesn't always work out, where it can be used. Every performer knows about the problem of unstructured information. Lyudmila Darina's video courses keep everything in one place and speed up the work by 10-20 times.
  • Video courses help to make the performance program
    While making the basis of the performance, we always choose such tricks and elements that are obvious to us. Often there is a lack of the list or visual aid that explains how to perform trick or bundle. Video courses help to keep the whole tricks in one place.

    Using our video courses you can make the plan for your rehearsals

    We train the same things from one rehearsal to another. Sometimes you can't feel the progress. I divide my rehearsals into two types: practicing a trick and practicing techniques. Video courses help to train various skills and not to stand still.
  • You will definitely never forget any of the tricks. The hint is always here
    It's impossible to keep in mind every bubble trick. You always lose sight of something. A video tutorial that stays with you forever solves this problem.
  • If you forget a trick technique, you can watch it once again in the video
    Sometimes it happens that everything worked out during the training. And you can even use this trick several times in performances and then forget how to do it. The video course is not just a list! This is full-fledged educational content that can help you to remember or study techniques of bubble tricks.
Can video courses replace learning live?
Video tutorials, of course, can't replace learning live, but I tried to cover each trick and element in details. It's always easier for the beginners to study with me live. So that every error in technique will be visible

and fixed quickly. Experienced performers also adopt the techniques better in live communication. But with a certain perseverance, you will be able to study bubble trick techniques using only video courses. Many bubble show performers are self-taught. They studied everything from other performer's videos.

We offer you 5 video courses:
There are 40 elements in the video course
Hand bubble tricks
Performing hand bubble tricks is always fascinating. Bubbles appear out of nowhere. Tricks and bundles seem like the work of an illusionist.

In this video course there are bubble show elements and tricks performed with hands, ropes and tubes. There are tricks without rackets. Smoke is used in many elements. This block also contains elements with fire.

There are 65 elements in the video course
Working with rackets and giant bubbles
Working with rackets is the basic skill of any bubble show performer. This is the most extensive video tutorial. You can create a full-fledged program based on it. Giant bubbles always fascinate and amaze with its unreality.

You will find tricks with rackets of various diameters and configurations in this video course. Many tricks require a smoke generator and an equipment for fire bubbles. You can also see how to work with giant bubbles, street props and various tricks of people inside the bubble in this course.

There are 30 elements in this video course
Working with a glowing table
The magic of light and smoke immerses the audience in a fairy tail. The play of color, configurations and transformations of domes surprise and make an atmosphere of magic. Floating white clouds of bubbles with steam are the audience of any age favorites.

This video course includes bubble show elements performed on a glowing table with tubes, fire, smoke and foam. Also, the part of the video tutorial is devoted to working with a steam generator.

There are 20 elements in the video course
Working with a vertical frame
The game of glares. The magic of rainbow films. Compactness and style. Uniqueness. Probably, these are those words that describe working with a vertical frame.

You can see how to work with the soap film on a plane. To study this course, you will definitely need a vertical frame, tubes of various diameters, a smoke generator and a fire tube.

There are 10 elements in the video course
Working with helium
Helium is an amazing tool for bubble shows. No gravity! Bubbles rush up, surprising and mesmerizing the audience, and often the performers themselves.

You can use helium while working with a glowing table, rackets, on glasses and on any plane. You can use a balloon with a blow gun or professional equipment to fill bubbles with the helium. A smoke generator is also required.

It's more profitable together!

Each video course has several open access videos for you to get acquainted.