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Working with a glowing table
Price: $60
We've opened two tricks from each video course for you to be able to get acquainted what videos look like.

Shaking bubble dome trick

Huge steam bubble trick
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Russian doll bubble trick

Inflating bubbles inside a dome trick

Making bubbles with the sharp movement and bubble decoupling tricks

Making bubbles with the sharp racket movement

Bubble turtle trick

Smoke in a dome trick

Smoky bubble snow on a dome trick

Bursting smoky dome trick

Combination of simple and smoky volcano tricks

Volcano from a tube trick

Smoky bubbles of different colors trick

Daisy bubble trick with smoky bubbles

Daisy volcano bubble trick

Candle in a dome trick

Dome bubble trick with hand waving

Marry-go-round bubble trick on a glowing table

Inflating bubbles inside the upper bubble

Inflating smoky bubbles from a smoky dome into a transparent one

Obtaining a smoky bubble trick

The flow of smoke on the glass

Combination of smoky and transparent bubble on a wineglass

Combination of inflammable and smoky bubbles on a wineglass

Window in to bubble

Bubble cascade off the table trick

Bubble snowman trick

Raising of steam bubble trick

Levitating bubble inside a dome trick
Working with a glowing table
Price: $60