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Working with a vertical frame
Price: $60
We've opened two tricks from each video course for you to be able to get acquainted what videos look like.

Playing with a bubble film

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Blowing on a bubble film

Grabbing the bubble from a bubble film and making bubbles with the rapid hand movements tricks

Bubble inside a giant trick

Bubble cascade trick

Bubble fish bowl trick

Levitating bubble on a bubble film trick

Dancing smoky bubble trick

Combining jumping bubbles trick

Shifting the smoke from a smoky bubble to transparent one

Bubble garland trick with inflating bubbles inside it

Smoky and transparent bubble garland trick

Garland flower bubble trick

Running bubble trick

Two running bubbles trick

Inflammable running bubble trick

A hole in a bubble frame trick

Smoky bubble cascade from the frame

Juggle a bubble through the hole
Working with a vertical frame
Price: $60