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Hand bubble tricks
Price: $48
We've opened two tricks from each video course for you to be able to get acquainted what videos look like.

Inflating bubbles from the hands triangle

Object materialization
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Inflating bubbles from the hand ring

Hand ring bubbles with hit movements

Hand ring bubbles with wavy movements

Bubbles on palms

Making bubbles with the sharp raise of hand

Combination of smoky and transparent bubbles

Inflating a huge bubble

Bubble volcano trick

Double bubble volcano trick

Levitating bubble trick

Splitting a bubble into two

Smoky bubbles and flashlights

Catching a smoky bubble with a tube

Smoky ring trick

Jelly-fish bubble trick

Juggle a bubble

Splitting a bubble with the airflow

Inflammable bubble on a palm

Fiery volcano bubble trick

Inflammable froth

About the work with fire

Making bubbles with rope scooping movement

Making bubbles with rope bowknot scooping movement

Bubble cascade trick with a rope

Running bubble trick

Bubble cascade and bubble quantity

Juggling a bubble with glove

Froth tricks for kids

Bubble tail with a rope

Bubble decoupling trick
Hand bubble tricks
Price: $48