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8 years of Bubbling: the Story of Our Company.

8 years of Bubbling: the Story of Our Company.

Part one. How I Got into a Bubble Show

In April, an interesting master class was held, dedicated to the 8th anniversary of our company. On the eve of this date I got an idea to write a series of articles about the history of our company, to tell you how it originated, emerged and developed.
Well, let's begin.
Maybe, it might come as a shock for someone, but I never wanted to be a bubble show artist, I didn't even dream of being a bubble artist. I did not watch videos with bubble performances and did not picture myself in front of the audience blowing bubbles. I admit honestly, I got into this by chance. It just happened.

It was my husband Alexey who got infected with the idea to blow bubbles. He saw a bubble video on the Internet and decided that he would go and learn this interesting and profound genre. I was initially against it, but followed my man to keep him company. We always did everything together!
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Thinking about the past, I ony wonder how big a variety of activities my spouse had.
He worked as a sales clerk, an industrial climber, a fitter, a repairer of porches, an advertising sales manager, a taxi driver. Then there was the construction business. After that we organized the "Multicenter" – we showed cartoons and organized discos in kindergartens. There was also a candy business or rather, we organized the delivery of Christmas gifts. And then there came the bubbles.
"Once I saw a video on the Internet, and I got hooked on the idea of soap bubbles. I decided that this is our thing, and that we should promote it in Omsk. We took out a loan of 150,000 rubles and bought a bubble show technology in Yekaterinburg. The package had some props, a detergent for giant bubbles and a general idea of how a bubble show should look like."
Alexey Daryin
Alexey chose Viktor Artamonov as his teacher, who by that time had worked with a bubble show for two or three years. We had long conversations on the phone, then we made a decision, got our things together and went off.

Victor taught us, gave us props. We received the first instructions from him, for which we are deeply grateful to him, since the start we had was much higher than the start of our colleagues who learned things themselves, collected some props and started to work by trial and error. Victor told us many stories, warned against some mistakes. Then our roads diverged, but in any case I am grateful to him to this day.
As we started to perform in front of the audience, we realized that we needed to update the props. In particular, we needed the "Human inside a Bubble" tray, as we wanted to develop and arrange the "Bubble Photo" attraction in one of the shopping malls in Omsk."

We found a man who could build it for us. Of course, the very first tray was very clumsy. It leaked periodically, we had to constantly glue it to repair.
Tilda Publishing
One day, while walking around the mall, I saw a letter glued from PVC, intended for a signboard installation. It dawned on me that that was what we really needed. Alexey approved the idea, we turned to one of Omsk companies and we had it made our first tray there.
Following the pallet, we began to update other props that we used. Over time, another bubblist joined our company, Gosha. We hired him as my bubble show partner. But nevertheless I liked his solo more. There were a lot of bookings then: so Gosha put on bubble shows in kindergartens and he got along well with the children, and I worked at weddings, corporate parties and other adult events.
Aleksey arranged a serious advertising campaign of our bubble show in the form of a large promotional event at the largest shopping mall in Omsk at that time.
"The mall ran our free bubble show ad for five days on one of the Omsk TV channels.
A huge crowd of people turned up. An hour before the performance people occupied all the seats around the stage. The stage was in a long tall corridor with doors from all sides. The draft there was wild. Drafts make bubble blowing very hard.
We were saved by one thing – no one really knew how things at bubble show really should be. And everyone liked everything!"
Alexey Daryin
There were an unreal amount of problems before the first performance: air conditioners turned on, the detregnt that seemed to work poorly. Our teacher at that time was on vacation and tried to relax but we called him several times a day. He told us golden things, that the case was most likely not in the nature of the detergent, but in us; that we need to practice more and improve our techniques. But we, of course, did not want to listen to anyone and repeatedly renewed the detregnt.
After that major event, Alexei finally abandoned the idea of being an artist of the original genre, but then I was hooked by it. Alexey realized that the show of soap bubbles was a business that could earn us money and decided to seriously engage in the promotion of that business.
Tilda Publishing
The performance went well. We were pleased, the spectators who came to see our show were also pleased.
And, accordingly, it could be called a 100% success.
"Within two months afterwards, people approached the administrator of the shopping mall and asked about the bubble show. That's how we made a splash on April 17, 2011.
Now we consider that day the birthday of the company. On that day, I last performed as an artist of the show. These are unique photos."
Alexey Daryin
To be continued….
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