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Lyudmila Daryina's props: organization of work in the company

Lyudmila Daryina's props: organization of work in the company

In this article I will tell you about our company. Who makes the props which are sold under the brand name "Lyudmila Daryina"? What departments does the company have and what do they do? What is the path of our products from idea to you?

There are four departments. Their main task is to organize internal processes so that customers receive high quality equipment. I will tell you more about each of the departments.
The heart of our company is the production workshop. The workshops that produce our props are in the city of Omsk. All of them are concentrated in one place - it is one full-cycle company. This production company does not belong to us, it belongs to our partners with whom we have been cooperating for several years.

The production company is quite large and versatile: it works with wood, glass, plastic, and metal. We chose this production company because it has all the necessary equipment: vacuum forming machines, laser cutting machines, polymer painting furnaces and more. The equipment is expensive, for example, the CNC machine costs several million rubles.

The production company employs specialists with appropriate education, who possess the necessary technology. The workers know how to make wands, plastic parts, how to choose the right paint and the right way to paint the props so as not to make chips during operation and other nuances.

We scrupulously monitor the quality of our products - this is the main reason why we have chosen the production of a full cycle. This company is responsible for the quality of the props in general and for ensuring that the props meet our requirements. It is not in our interest to disappoint our customers.

We give a warranty for one year on our products (What guarantees do I give?) including the equipment with electricity. We are responsible to our customers and sure of the quality of our products.
It's funny to remember, but there were times when I myself used to wrap wands and send props to our customers. Sometimes there were so many orders that I didn't have time to take a break for having a meal. Sometimes I got into awkward situations because I forgot to send the parcels. Such an approach was not effective. Today we already know that working process needs to be organized well and tasks delegated.

At the stage of formation of our company there was a time when we worked with several different firms. One company was making wands, the other was making tables and a third company was engaged in electricity. The disadvantage of such a workflow, when many different masters work on the product, is the human factor. For example, if the welder becomes ill or forgets to do the work on time, the production will stop. In a large enterprise, such moments are excluded.

After transferring the production of our props into the hands of one company, the quality improved significantly, and delays were minimized. We know that some of our products have the highest price in the market, but this is due to the quality of the products we produce.
One of the tasks of the marketing Department is the content and development of our website. You know that we have a lot of useful information on the bubble show on our website. My followers and students are impressed by the large amount of information they can find on my website. I try to share my experience every day, and all the information is published on schedule thanks to our Marketing Department.

There are 37 props on our website. The description of each of our products we are constantly adding and improving for the perception. We place the drawings of the goods in the Internet store; also there are their 3D schemes, photos, video instructions. We want you to have the opportunity to take a good look at the props before buying.

My blog contains over 150 articles. Several people work on each of them. I give information in audio recordings to my assistants and they process the recordings into printed texts and then edit the texts, select images and publish on the website. They make sure that the texts are interesting and easy to read, and the layout does not shift when viewing the web page on different devices.

About a year ago we started working seriously on our YouTube channel (Lyudmila Daryina). By now it has more than 200 videos that are dedicated to the bubble show. I show different tricks, give advice on the organization of and promotion your numbers, and other useful videos. Posting and announcing videos, sending messages about our new video releases - our Marketing Department is responsible for all these.

At my master classes and seminars, I often say that my goal is to show that the soap bubble show can differ from the impression that has already formed about it. It can be an exciting spectacle for everyone and it can be expensive to sell. To achieve this goal, I use all the tools available to me: my blog, website, YouTube channel, social networks, online seminars and live communication.
Order Acceptance Department
There was a time when I did it myself and because of my workload, sometimes I forgot about my agreements with my customers. When you work in multitasking mode and try to keep up everywhere, then there are problems. I realized that this is not productive and today the situation is different.

Today I have an assistant called Natalia, she is always glad to answer your questions. She is very tactful and she knows all our products well. Which equipment should you choose? How is your order delivered? What props are suitable for your purposes? Natalia will advise you on these and other issues. If the topic is serious and requires my personal attention, then my assistant will connect you with me. By the way, you can always write to my personal email:

Please note that Natalia works with my additional account (ttps://, we have no other employees who accept order payments.
There is an employee in our company has who is responsible for our warehouse. The employee receives the equipment from the production workshop, checks its integrity and tests. And if defects are found, the equipment is sent back to the production workshop. If all is well with the equipment, it is of proper quality, the product is accepted to the warehouse.

If the production defect is found after acceptance to the warehouse, the warehouse Manager will be responsible for it. Therefore, the Manager is interested in identifying defects before acceptance to the warehouse.

The warehouse employee is responsible for the correct packaging of the goods, so that the goods are not damaged during transportation. The employee's task is to make sure that the parcel is assembled correctly and you will receive exactly the products you ordered. Our warehouse, as well as our production workshops, is located in the city of Omsk. I live in Moscow, imagine how inconvenient and expensive it would be if I and Alexei checked the equipment in Moscow.
I and Alexey manage all our departments. I am responsible for the ideas and testing. I do like to modify different equipment for myself and think about improving. In this system, I am a conduit from bubble show artists (Work in the bubble show. What's this?) to prop designers. For example, I can approach Alexei and say: "I want to have illumination here!". Alex thinks about implementing this idea and then sends the task to designers of props. And they offer their solutions.

In addition to this, Alexey's task is to build a marketing strategy for our company. He makes sure that all indicators are normal. If we see that one of our Departments has made a mistake, we take measures.
So, I told you about our work system. As you can see-this is a debugged system. We clearly understand which employee is responsible for what. We have criteria according to which we evaluate the quality of our products and the work of each Department. All of this together allowed us to make our props of excellent quality. Our clients are satisfied with comfortable cooperation, which often turns into long-term relationships and warm communication. If you are not with us yet, I invite you to get acquainted with our props (Review of props for bubble shows) and make sure of my words.
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