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Pep Bou is a Spanish artist from Barcelona

Pep Bou is a Spanish artist from Barcelona

Pep Bou is an architect by education. He worked a little in his specialty, but quickly came to realize that that it was not the thing he wanted t do. And he decided to work in the theater. At the beginning of his career, Pep Bou performed in the pantomime genre, which was very popular in those years. In an interview, the Director recalls that already at that time he really wanted to find something amazing that would be really unique.
I experimented a lot - I tried smoke, sand, mirrors. In General, everything that can somehow transform, change its shape. I tried to experiment with soap bubbles, but it always turned out badly - it was the early 80's, then few people were engaged in bubbles, and indeed few people knew about them. But I did not give up and kept trying. I locked myself up in my laboratory for a year with different jars and bottles and experimented, until I got a formula that allowed me to play with size and shape. Then I added effects: light, smoke, music.
Pep Bou
In 1982, Pep Bou organized his own bubble theatre and staged the performance «Bufaplanetes». The maestro's first show instantly becomes famous around the world. The performance was a big surprise to the public. The «Bufaplanetes» show surprised and delighted audiences of all ages. With this performance Pep Bou participated in almost 80 festivals in different countries and won several awards in France, Germany and Spain. Watch the video below, even after 37 years the performance does not look old-fashioned.
This is a fragile charm. Amoebas, amorphous creatures, planets almost ready to disappear, appearing from nothing - and they are all from soap bubbles. The most common dishwashing detergent becomes a fairy tale ... Pep Bou's performance was on the rise: ping pong and tennis with bubbles; they roll quickly, like a crystal waterfall; he gathers together lots of them; he launches one into the other, and then gently pulls a small bubble out of the large one; then very gently blows them away like rubber balls; turns them into incredible and variety forms and even into a luminous rainbow.
An excerpt from the Italian newspaper «Il Secolo XIX» about the Pep Bou show «Bufaplanetes»
Then there were slightly less successful, but world-famous performances « Sabó Sabó» (1990) and «Ambrossia» (1998), «Bombolles amb Orquestra» (2002). Pep Bou was the first artist who did not just show huge soap bubbles, his shows were with deep meaning, touched the viewer's soul and at the same time excited the imagination.
I never tried to inflate the biggest bubble. I like to play with both large and small forms. As a sculptor, it's important for me to make this object beautiful. It is interesting for me to fill the bubbles with something new, the transition from one form to another is interesting, and my main task is to surprise the viewer. It is interesting for me to show the viewers the things that they no longer expect from a bubble. And this moment when a person says "this is unbelievable, this cannot be" - that's why I do everything.
Pep Bou
Since 2006, in the Spanish amusement park «Port Aventura» you can see the performance created by Pep Bou. «Port Aventura» is the most visited amusement park in Europe. In addition to a huge number of attractions for children and adults, you can enjoy the best shows of the planet. For example, since 2014, in the «Spanish Disneyland», Cirque Du Soleil regularly comes on tour. Pep Bou presents the show «Bubblebou» on the stage of «Port Aventura». «Bubblebou» is a unique, fun and educational spectacle that reveals the many capabilities of soap bubbles. The performances of Pep Bou fascinate and amaze the audience, regardless of age.
Children can be 30 or 40 years old. For some reason, when we talk about bubbles, we immediately associate them with children, but this is wrong. Young viewers will feel great at the show. Our performances are not for a specific type of audience: if there is a full hall of children – it is great, «adult children» - is also good. Children understand everything, sometimes, however, something in their own way. They are also people, only small. It is clear that a very small child will not stand a long performance, but I think that it is wrong to restrict children's access to any shows.
Pep Bou
Maestro's premiere of the new soap bubble show «CLINIC!» was in 2011. In this performance, Pep Bou is the creator and director, and the actors Isaiah Antolini and Eduardo Telletcha are the main characters. The performance differs from other shows of the Director, it has a pronounced humorous tone. «CLINC!» is comic numbers, visual special effects and soap bubble tricks that make it a unique and innovative performance. It was a great success. More than 350 performances took place worldwide in many countries of Europe, Latin America and Asia. In 2013, there appeared a Russian version of «Clink», it is represented by artists Viktor Artamonov and Sergey Skibenko from Yekaterinburg.
There are two Russian artists in my troupe with whom we did a show in Yekaterinburg. I stayed there for a week at rehearsals, and at the performance the audience was delighted, everyone liked it. I think that, regardless of nationality, all people react to a soap bubble in about the same way. But it should be noted that it is very comfortable to work in Russia.
Pep Bou
After the success of «CLINC!», the company launches «BLOOP!» - it is a new and exciting adventure through the universe of soap bubbles for all ages. In this performance, theater, soap bubbles, fire and shadows intertwine. The main characters in this show are two opposing characters passionate about their work. One character is a clown and an alchemist. The other character is an enterprising businessman. The scene is divided into two zones where each of the characters works. Under the script, comical situations develop between them and their professions. The show is created to stimulate good mood and a creative approach to life.
Spaniards are proud of Pep Bou, he is a living legend in the original genre. The director's programs are unique, they differ in a special, subtle and even philosophical view of the author on the soap bubble show. Pep Bou is a true poet who gracefully combines image, music, fragility and atmosphere. His art can not leave the viewers indifferent, it penetrates deep into their souls. I am infinitely grateful to him for his art and sincerity. His approach to our genre is very close to me, I am inspired by his performances!
Sofia Vieira, an artist of the original genre, Moscow
Pep Bou's repertoire includes the original scientific performance «Bereishit» – it is a joint work of Pep Bou's troupe and Jorge Wagensberg – he is a physicist, museographer and the founder of the Science Museum in Barcelona. The most beautiful story about space - so the authors present their show on the posters. The performance is dedicated to the physical laws of our world, and its structure. At the beginning of the performance, small bubbles fall on us. At one point, Pep Bou, using bubbles, shows the difference between predators and herbivores, and then the story of the birth of the Universe. The performance «Bereishit», can be modified, adapted to the format of the event and have a different names: «Bubbles à la Carte», «Cells & Planets». The performance is often shown in Scientific Museums and organizations around the world.
The peculiarity of soap bubbles is that they live between the world of reality and the world of fantasy. When you see a soap bubble in the air, you cannot take your eyes off it - it attracts all our attention to itself. It is a magical moment that makes time stop. Soap bubbles are short-lived, they constantly need to be recreated again. It is not a prop which I can put in a suitcase, and that is a great advantage, because I have to create every time – it is magic that attracts attention all the time whether you have seen something like it or not.
Pep Bou
«Pep Bou experiències» is the newest show of the world famous artist Pep Bou. The performance «Pep Bou experiences» will be interesting even for the most sophisticated viewer. The show is a reflection of Pep Bou's constant research and experimentation over nearly 40 years of his career. The synthesis of audiovisual and theatrical language that impressed viewers on all continents. A unique performance created by an eccentric and original artist who invented his own stage language. The show premiered in 2016.

We have a chance to see with our own eyes the number of the world star of the soap bubble show, and also get acquainted with the master personally to ask our questions. Pep Bou has almost forty years of fantastic experience our genre. Several decades of original ideas, trial and error, achievements, awards, world recognition, perfecting every trick. Millions of enthusiastic spectators in different parts of the world. How does Pep Bou manage to find new ways to surprise the audience in one simple way, using ordinary things: water, soap solution and music!? You can ask Pep Bou this question at the master-class # Bubbles 2020 on November 6, 2019
Read more about the master class here:
# Bubbles 2020 Moscow.

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