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How to distinguish yourself from low quality competitors?

How to distinguish yourself from low quality competitors?

This question can often be found in the entertainment industry. Let's consider two situations: competitors of lower quality with the same price as yours and with the price lower than yours.
Low quality competitors: same price as yours
If the price is the same as you charge, it is necessary to fight by means of comparison. Let your customers see your photos and videos. You should have all these in good quality and quantity so that people can see and understand what you can do. Keep the videos you could present so that they can compare and make their choice.
Low quality competitors: the price is lower than yours
If your competitors of lower quality charge lower prices, the question can become quite interesting. I believe that for every price, for every commodity there is a buyer somewhere. And if a person is looking for entertainment for a child and is ready to pay 3 thousand rubles and not a penny more, then you will not sell your show for 5 thousand rubles, no matter how great you are. And even if they understand that your show is 155 times better, they will still book the one that suits them best. Nothing you can do about it.
If a person simply searches for a bubble show, and finds one cheaper and the other more expensive, then such a person can be given an example with a TV. You can go to the store and buy yourself a good Samsung TV. Wonderful, with all the latest features, etc. But then you can go to the street market and buy a used 1905 model set. The TV shows still will be the same. Choose what you want: good quality emotions or not. You can offer the same to your clients. But you should have a clear, good confirmation that you are really good, that these are not just words. High-quality promotional video, high-quality live video, high-quality photos, good customer reviews. Good reviews can be earned only by good work

Competitors work half-heartedly! Is it good or bad?
You can still consider the situation when reviews of the show in your city as a whole have become not very positive.

People who do it half-heartedly are growing in numbers. This is actually a very sad story. And then you have to rectify the situation with good work.

Make a lot of good promo, post a lot of good videos including live shows. Make sure they are not edited otherwise people start complaining about it. Make them play at least 3-4 minutes with unedited footage. It will not be advertising in other groups; place it in your group so that it is clear that you blow your bubbles greatly.
More promo, more good and quality work, more reviews. Only in this way can you distinguish yourselves from people who work so-so. By the way, the blog has a separate article on competition in the field of soap bubbles (Competition in the bubble show market).
Fighting low-grade competitors charging the same price as yours is done by means of comparison. Show your customers your photos and videos reflecting your best sides.
Sometimes, fighting the low quality competitors with prices below yours is futile. If your show does not fit into the client's budget, then he is unlikely to book you. It happens that a person simply cannot choose between two artists of a different price category. Explain him/her what you are good at.
It also happens that too many non-professional people work in your city. You can also distinguish yourself from them with your good work. Make more high-quality photos, videos, get more positive reviews.
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