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Good start. Choose props for the bubble show.

Good start.
Choose props for the bubble show.

The choice of props is a responsible act and in many ways fundamental. I agree with captain Wrangel's statement: "as you call a ship, so it will sail." It is the same in the soap bubble show: in what way you declare about yourself, with what number and details you will go to the viewer, this is how people will remember you. The development of your business depends on the equipment you choose for the bubble show.

Our today's article is about what you need to consider when choosing props for your soap bubble show.
The main and obvious rule is that the props must be of high quality. Friends, do not be fooled. The service life of cheap props is not long. Cheap props will break down, it will have to be repaired and often changed – as a result, the savings will be imaginary and you will lose your money.
How to save money but buy props of good quality?
Do not be upset. If at the initial stage you have a little money, then this does not mean that everything is lost. Quality props can be rented. This will cost you less and will allow you to learn, hone your skills, earn the right amount and then buy the right and high-quality props.
Another way to save money is to think well about which props you need, and without which you will, quite, do. You don't need to grab everything, and only then think about whether there will be an element with this equipment in your number. Watch bubble show artists' videos, consult with more experienced colleagues. And even better, attend a master class (Forms of training), where you can try to work with the props and understand whether it is yours or not. Or you can learn bubble show by yourself (Basic video course).
As a result, you will understand whether you will work with the Light table (Props, Light table), whether you need a 45 cm wand (Props, Racket 45 cm) or if there will be a smaller diameter, whether you will need a bubble-maker (Props, Big bubble-maker) and so on.
So as not to reinvent the wheel, you can buy ready-made, well-thought-out sets of props. When developing our sets, we carefully thought over the composition of each so that they were as useful as possible for amateurs and artists of bubble shows at different stages of their activities. Even the "Mini" set (The "Mini" set of props) includes a sufficient number of quality props for doing full-fledged bubble show numbers.
How not to make a mistake in the seller?
We live in the 21st century and we are used to getting all the information from the Internet. And that is right, keep it up. A seller of quality props for a bubble show should understand this and strive to give as much information about him-/herself and the props as possible in the global network. Websites, online stores, blogs, photos, videos and reviews - all these have to be given.

Look at the props and try to imagine how it will look in your hands in your number. Agree that the props made in the same style, looks more professional in the hands of a bubble show artist than multicolored wands.
Carefully study the information about the props: the material from which it is made; the technology that was used; whether the props passed the test; sizes and transportation.

See the reviews of the artists who have already used this seller's props. More clearly and useful reviews will be from the people who bought the seller's props six months or a year ago, not from those who have just bought and are in a hurry to share that their props are cool. You will learn about the quality and strength of the props.
Professional props reviews for the bubble show and articles about them can also help you make the right choice.
If the seller uses his/her props then it is a serious reason to trust the seller. If the manufacturer and the seller themselves are bubble show artists and use only their props, then the props are, indeed, of high quality.
By the way, the tips listed above are relevant not only when choosing props, but also when looking for a good soap bubble show solution recipe (How to buy a soap bubble show solution recipe?).
What else should be considered?
Choose functional props. Working and light tables should be stable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and transport. For safe and careful props transportation, you will definitely need cases.
Calculate in advance the size of the "Man in a Bubble" set you will need, and whether it will be convenient for you to transport it.
Do not forget that the props require care. It must be periodically cleaned, inspected, carefully stored.
Buy only the equipment you need: consult with experienced artists, attend a master class.
Buy props of high quality that will serve you for a long time.
Pay attention to the ready-made sets.
Select the props of the type and style that suits you.
Buy props from the seller, who is a specialist in the bubble show and uses the props himself/herself.

Buy functional props.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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