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Additional Lights for Bubble Shows

Additional Lights for Bubble Shows

Any bubble show will look more attractive if you use additional lights. I would like to tell about what kind of light devices I'm using now and those I have tried using, but it turned out that they were not very convenient.
LED Lights
Recently, I've been using LED floodlights, normally 2 or 4 of them. It depends on the venue. 4 lights need a proper blackout, but this is not always possible to achieve. Most often, all the lights are in my car, and it's up to me how many of them to use.

I bought my small plastic case light in the "Light and Music" chain store. Right now, each one costs about 5 thousand rubles. You know that prices are constantly changing, so do not rely on this figure.

The lights are connected to the mains; the lights must be installed before the performance, do not forget about it.
The lights are to be installed on the floor. If you need 4 lights, I place them on the carpet corners, all of them pointing at me. If it's 2 lights, then I just put them on both sides.
These are the lights I'm using now
LED Light Modes
Which modes do I engage on my lights?
It can be a single color, for example, one light is blue, another is yellow, the third is purple, green or red, etc. Or Lights are the same color (blue, yellow, etc.). Or I set the smooth alternate winking mode. It also depends on the room type. I just figure out what kind of lighting is left in the room, and then I choose the mode best for all.
Turning off the Hall Lights
Please pay attention at the following observation. I do not turn off all the hall lights during the performance, because I think that my stage lights are not bright enough. I would like the audience to see both the bubbles and the artist on stage, along with the audience participants who came on stage for interactive part. When a cameraman comes up to me with his camera and his/her own light works too, the video will turn out really beautiful. The photos will also be beautiful due to the flashlight effect. But all the same, we do not work exclusively for photos and videos, but for the viewers to enjoy our show here and now. Therefore, I still leave some lights on in the hall.
What I refused from: a rack, lasers, white light
I used to install a rack with4 lights mounted on it. They used to hang above. In general, everything was not so bad, but it seemed to me that those lights illuminated mostly the audience in the hall than my bubbles. Again, that rack was difficult to transport, so I sold it.

I tried using lasers. These are small lights that run around the hall. But for me it seemed to be pointless for a bubble show. If there is no smoke on stage, laser beams are not visible. I did not notice much effect, so I refused from them.

I used to put LED floodlights on the sides and in front of me I placed a white to highlight my face. I thought that I would turn off the lights in the hall and use only my own ones. It turned out that it was hard to apply. In addition, my white light overrode the LED lights. Therefore, I ditched that idea as well.
What is Provided by Additional Lights?
Firstly, it makes the bubbles shimmer beautifully. And secondly, the light on any stage gives a sense of a miracle, even if it's an ordinary canteen. If the background is poor, then place the lights behind, so that they hide it.
The photograph turned out amazingly. Is not it a miracle?
One more tip. A lot of cafes now have lighting devices. Before I bringing my own lights, I see what is available on stage. If everything I need is there, why bringing my own. You do not have to take everything with you at once. First, come in, look around and make a decision.
Use the light effects, it'll make your show shine with new colors.
Additional lights give you a sense of wonder. With them, the bubbles shimmer beautifully.
Now, I'm using LED lights, 2 or 4 of them. When on the spot, I decide which mode to set for them: different colors, one color, a smooth winking.
You do not need to turn off all the lights in the hall. It is enough just to dim it.
I used to have a rack with LED lights. But with it the lights poured mostly to the audience, so I no longer use it.
Lasers are also not very good, because they do not give a special effect without smoke.
Previously, I used LED-flashlights together with additional white light to highlight my face. But it overrode the other lights, so I refused from it.
Now a lot of joint have additional lighting devices. Therefore, you do not need to bring all your lights at once. Better, if you go in and look around first.

Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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