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Why do Bubbles Burst?

Why do Bubbles Burst?

My blog already contains an article about bubbles' enemies. It describes the main problems that my colleagues and students face during their shows.

In this article, I want to cover a few issues I may have missed. Even after reading my blog, the bubble show artists and animators ask the question again and again: Why do bubbles burst?

Bubbles burst from collision with a dry surface
  • Insufficiently wet hands.
  • Insufficiently moistened props.
It's all about your hands
Perhaps, you've moistened your hands and wait for the detergent to drain from them. Then you start blowing you hand bubbles and they burst. The wetter surface with which the bubble collides, the longer it will exist on this surface.
To prevent bubbles from bursting, you should follow the following rules:
  • 1
    Moisten your hands well
  • 2
    If the bubbles begin to burst, moisten your hands again
  • 3
    After moistening, do not wait, just start working with the bubbles
  • 4
    Do not make froth on your hands
  • 5
    Do not shake the remnants of the detergent
What If it's not about your hand bubbles?
Make sure there are no dry edges on the tray during your Human inside Bubble act (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set), you're your wand is well moistened. Do not touch the soapy film with a dry part of your wand or your hand. Make sure there are no things, such as a plant, etc., that touches your soap film.
Poor-quality detergent
The problems that I am describing are based on the assumption that your detergent is initially good quality one. The reason may be in the ingredients of the detergent, its formula, the preparation technique.
Too much froth
Bubbles can be poorly inflated if too much foam has formed during the show. The glowing table (Props, Glowing Table), your hands, the pallet, the wand should not accumulate a large amount of froth.
The wind is our enemy
Winds, drafts, air conditioning can seriously damage your bubbles. The wind can tear a thin soap film, burst your bubbles at the most crucial moment.
Another invisible enemy of your bubbles is dust. This includes dusty rooms, rooms under repairs, stages with dusty wings and curtains. Unfortunately, during my shows I often have to work on stages with dusty wings and curtains. If they have just opened or closed the artist will have problems with some elements of their bubble show.
If dust is on your way, sprays can save the day. They will precipitate the dust, and you will be able to go on.
Lows from speakers are equal to drafts. The speakers should not be directed at the artist.
If the room is very dry, your bubbles will also burst. How do I moisten the ambient air?
I do not use spray guns, I use a bubble maker (Props, Large Bubble-Maker). With it, you can moisten the room with huge arrays of small bubbles.
In stuffy rooms, it's also difficult to blow bubbles. This includes small enclosed spaces, saunas, baths. In the kindergarten, at the end of the show, when you start placing kids inside bubble, it gets really stuffy. Bubbles begin to burst.
One more nuance. Your detergent should not be cold or hot. There should not be a big difference between the room air temperature and the detergent's. Room temperature level is ideal for your detergent.
These are the main reasons why your bubbles might burst. If you still have any questions, you can ask them in the comments under the article. I will definitely answer!
Bubbles burst from collision with a dry surface.
Before the performance, the artist needs to moisten his/her hands and props well.
Bubbles depend on the quality of your detergent.
Do not allow too much froth accumulation during your show.
Winds, drafts, and sound lows are the enemies of your bubbles.
When on stage, the role of the evil hero can be played by dusty wings or curtains.
Moisten the air in dusty, stuffy, dry rooms with a spray gun or a bubble maker.
The detergent should be of room temperature level.
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