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The Order of Bubble Show Elements

The Order of Bubble Show Elements

In what sequence are the props to be used in the bubble show? I'm going to tell about the concept I myself implement on stage. When I started doing my shows, there was a list of elements in front of my eyes and I did everything well in order. Now there is no need for the list, and I often change the elements order.

First, I'll tell how my show sequence was originally conceived. But I advise the budding artists to stick to the list. Otherwise, you can get confused and miss some important bubble show element.
5 cm Wand
My act starts when I take the smallest 5 cm wand and blow into it, then do the throw-outs. Then, I take another 5 cm wand, do the throw-outs with both wands and then do the long figure of eights.
If you have a hand-operated smoke machine, you can add a little smoking volcano. The 5cm wand has small diameter, so it is easy to attach smoky bubbles from the bottom. I pierce the bubble top and it turns into a volcano. The smaller the hole is, the longer volcano "erupts". Then the show unwinds.
10 cm wand
I take a 10 cm wand, and do the same things I was doing with the 5cm one, except for the smoke part. And I add two elements: the Caterpillar and the Carousel.
Hand bubbles
After that I initiate the hand bubbles part using my hands: I blow in my hands, make bubbles on my palms, play with them, make smoky bubbles on palms, the beads, burning bubbles (Props, Fiery Froth Tube), froth pyramid on my palm. Everything that can be done with my hands I do.
Rope (string)
After the hands part there goes the rope element. I do some particular tricks with it.
20 cm Wand
Using a 20 cm wand (Props, 20-cm Wand) I first throw out a bubble and play with it. This is the first more or less large bubble in the show.
Photos from my performance in the Omsk club
Rackets and street props
Then I take the 30 cm wand (Props, 30-cm Wand).
Then I take the available froth wands. After that go the outdoor ropes, the 45 cm wand (Props, 45-cm Wand), the Daisy and the 45 cm froth wand.
Props for street bubbles, triangle.
The Daisy makes great sleeves that are compressed into large volume froth.
This is something between a daisy wand and a froth wand. The result – thick sleeves and huge chunks of froth.
Big hoop and human inside bubble
At the end of the act I take the hoop. It may be a meter long, and 90 cm, and 80 cm, depending on how you use them. I make a column and check everything is OK.

This is not just a column. This is an entire act. If you get to do so, then you have a good bubble juice.
At the wedding reception I summon the newlyweds on stage, we hold a workshop and a photo shoot. Then I put them inside a bubble. The bride and the groom can also try put each other inside a giant bubble.
I put them inside the bubble from the top and the bottom tray with detergent. The people are photographed, sometimes several times.

If you have a good detergent, it is possible to make giants from the bottom tray. Then I do the human inside bubble (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set).
Glowing table
If I use the glowing table (Props, Glowing Desk), all other show elements shrink a little. For example, if the during a regular show I use 5cm and 10 cm wands, the 5cm ones are excluded when I use the glowing table. Normally, I introduce the glowing table in the middle of the show. As a rule, it appears after the hand bubbles part, then it is rolled away and the show continues with the giants.
In any case, each artist creates his/her own order of the show elements. But the overall concept is the same for all: bubbles grow from smaller to larger. Typically, the poorly performed elements drop out. And those liked might be repeated several times. To make your show diverse, you have to practice a lot to learn to work with all the elements of the show and diversify it as much as possible.
The beginners should follow a certain show sequence otherwise they can get confused
Each artist has his/her own show, but there is a common concept for all: bubbles grow from smaller to larger
To diversify the show, you should be able to work with all show elements
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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