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Act staging. Where to start?

Act staging. Where to start?

The question I am often asked by my future students, clients, and just people who are involved with the show of bubbles.
The first – where to start?
There are a few things. You need to determine the style: the way you're going to move during your performance, the background music you use, the costume you wear. It is important to understand what will be the main focus of the show: illusion, dance interpretation, theatrical production, or something else. Perhaps you will do the rock and roll bubble show, or you want to try on the image of a ballerina. Choose what you think is best for you.
Where to begin: movements, music or a costume?
The show elements will always be more or less the same. There is a certain sequence – from small to large bubbles. This will come with time, there is a certain base. But then goes the choice of costumes, music, movements – it is all individual. So what should be done first? Choosing a suit? Choosing music? Or thinking of how you'll move?
I recommend starting with the music (Picking Music for a Bubble Show). You must 100% like it, it must turn you on. It should give you the urge to move, to smile. If you want to do a dance act, this music must make you want to dance. It you should be comfortable and fun.

To be honest, I do not like very melodic, romantic tunes, because after 15 minutes of working with them I get bored. Alternatively, it can be used at the beginning of the show, but then it must accelerate the pace. Or just put an up-tempo music right away so that you are fun to watch. But this is very individual.
Lyudmila Darina
Blog author
Choose the kind of music that will help you to lay them in the isles.
How many tracks?
The first thing you do when choosing music is to trust your own feelings. I recommend choosing at least 20-25 songs or instrumentals you like. Then you should arrange the tracks in a certain order and make a mix. Here you'd better get it done by a specialist, or try doing it independently. Now the Internet is full of relevant software letting you make your own mixes.

Make the smooth transitions between the tracks. Usually each of my tracks lasts for 1.5-2 minutes. It's not just you have three 5-minute songs merged into one. If you have 1-2 minutes of each, your entire soundtrack will include 20-25 tracks per act. In case of the interactive act, you can use one long track.
Segmentation for convenience
I recommend segmenting your act when you will be choosing the music tracks. Do it like this: this track will be my entrance cue, this one is good for hand bubbles part, that one will sound during the mid-size bubbles part, another – for the glowing table (Props, Glowing Table), this track is fine for the interactive act with the newlyweds, and this track would be great for the interactive act with the guests. Here the music tracks sequence is not so important. Music plays a background role and sets the mood. And again, segmentation using music will help beginners to maintain the show timing.
During the interactive act with the guests you can put on a track that will be played for a long time.
Working in segments
It is understood that bubbles are unpredictable. You begin blowing a bubble but he just bursts, you have to redo it spending some more time. Therefore, we can't think like this: during this 20-second piece of music I should blow only these bubbles. Improvisation is encouraged.

Just keep in mind that it is not necessary to go beyond the segment time limit. This is especially true for beginners. Because they have a hard time counting how long times they have worked, how long they still have to work. The more sub-segments, the easier.

You can make segments like this: 10 cm wand (Props, 10-cm Wand), 20 cm wand (Props, 20-cm Wand). And you absolutely do not have to fear that at some point you do not have time to show this or that element, for example, you miss the Caterpillar or the Beads.

As soon as the music track ends go right to the next segment. With time you'll get used to the music and you will know exactly what to do and when.
Each track has its dynamics. You have to know the tracks well enough so that you can use the music climax for the most spectacular acts. For example, burning bubbles (Props, Fiery Froth Tube), the blow-ins, etc.
You costume and movements depend on the music
When you are done with music selection, you can start choosing your matching costume to project a certain image. Music will help you understand what kind of costume you need.

Turn on the music. Try to move with it. And you'll understand the style of the music, what movements you will choose.

It's better to select the style, the image and all the rest at the same time.
New students, prepare your favorite tracks!
The first thing to do before you start the staging is the music. Therefore, everyone who is coming to my classes, I recommend to prepare 20-25 music tracks that you like. In this case, it will be easier for me to prepare an individual act for you.

It won't be a copy of mine, not my music tracks, it'll be you very own one. I will try to advise you on the track sequence, which track will match a certain segment. And when you have your own mix, I think we'll be able to plan it minute by minute in particular sequence.

Afterwards we will think of the costume, the movements, the acts and you are all set to go.
I recommend to start your act staging with the choice of music. The show segments are all about the same. As for the music, costumes, movements they are all customized.
Pick the music you like. Select 20-25 tracks. Make the music mix with each song lasting 1.5-2 minutes.
Split the music into segments: appearance on the stage and the beginning of the show, the hand bubbles part, the mid-size bubbles part, the glowing table, the sleeves, the interactive acts. For the interactive act you can choose a long music track.
You shouldn't go beyond a segment time limit. Do not be afraid to run out of time for this or that element. As soon as the track ends proceed to the next element.
Wow-tricks are best during music climax.
After music start choosing your costume. After practice you will understand what movements to make on stage.
Anyone who is going to my classes should prepare 20-25 music tracks he/she likes for the show.

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