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The tray for photoshoot
inside a bubble

The tray for photoshoot inside a bubble

Today I will tell you about the tray for photoshoots inside a bubble. In fact, this is the same tray that is used in the Human inside Bubble kit. Using it, we place people inside bubble during the shows. But if you are going to take a lot of photos inside a bubble, then you need to take into account a few nuances. Here they are.
No wheels
The tray wheels are needed so that you can quickly roll it out. This is convenient during the performance. The tray can be rolled directly with the detergent inside. But on the other hand, the wheels create some inconvenience, because with them, the height of the tray increases by 5-7 cm, and some people may stumble over it.
Two trays or one?
I understand that you may have the question.
Can you use one tray for both the performance and the photoshoot inside the bubble?
It all depends on how and where you conduct your events.
For example, you are working on a mass celebration and you do not do the bubble show, but only take photos inside the bubble. In this case, it is better to have a separate tray without wheels. In usual practice, at weddings, anniversaries, use one tray with wheels both for performances and for a photoshoot. At events, pay more attention to your viewers who step out of the tray. Talk more, make you be heard, ask them to step out carefully and lift their feet higher.
At weddings, I use the tray with wheels. It's easy to move. I place a small number of people inside the bubble, so the wheels do not interfere much.
Photos in kindergartens
At the events in kindergartens, I recommend using a tray without wheels. Kids are small, they have to raise their feet high enough. At such events there is enough time to prepare. Pre-pour the detergent into the tray and put it in the right place. Trays on wheels are more for adult events, where you need to do everything quickly, clearly and beautifully.
Where to put the tray?
Put the tray for a photoshoot on a rubber-based mat (How to choose a floor covering for a bubble show?). If you are going to place a lot of people inside the bubble, you should have a few carpets. They will quickly get soaked, you have to replace them often enough. Suppose you are working at a huge exhibition, a large stream of people is passing nearby. On average, you place 20 people inside the bubble every half hour. In this case, you definitely need to have at least 3 mats in one day. Otherwise, your viewers will swim in the thick foam.
Tray color
It will be better if the photoshoot tray is dark-colored. Black or blue. If it is light, then ugly traces from shoes will be visible.
Tray size
For a photoshoot inside a bubble, it is better to have a 90 or 100-cm tray. 80 cm is just a small ring. Obese people will not fit. And it will also be difficult to photograph people in pairs.
For photos you need a 90-100-cm tray
I propose a comparative table of Human inside a Bubble trays for photoshoots.
For photoshoots, you can use the bottom tray from the Human inside Bubble kit.
To prevent people from tripping, use a tray without wheels.
Put the tray on a rubber mat. If you are going to place a large number of people inside bubble, be sure to replace the rugs.
It is better to have dark-colored trays for photographing, so that traces of shoes are not visible.
The adult immersion pallet should be 90 or 100 cm in diameter.
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