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Bubble Show Props Review

Bubble Show Props Review

In my opinion, all the props can be divided into commercially available and custom-made. Let me explain understand what props can be regarded as professional and otherwise.
On mass production
Serial production of wands starts from 50,000 pieces of each model. Naturally, such wands are made not for the bubble artists but for children.

To put it simply, all the commercially available wands are children's toys. They might be expensive and cheap. The expensive ones are more durable. They are rarely exported to Russia, so you can often hear that such bubble-makers (Props,Small Bubble-Maker Wand) are for professionals.
This is a children's wand. It is designed for games. Not suitable for professionals.
A horn. I also consider it as children's toy.
Can we consider custom-made props professional?
It seems to me that the answer to this question depends on the workmanship of Human inside Bubble trays, the glowing table aesthetics and wands convenience.

It so happened that the genre of soap bubbles show is rather young, and there is no such profession as a bubble show artist. There are magicians, clowns, jugglers, but there are no bubble show artists. Although, I want to underline the fact that most of the circus artists have their props customized.
Soap bubble show props categories
If you go deeper into the specific types of props for the standard bubble show the artist will need:
  • a set of small wands;

  • a set of large wands;

  • a tray for large wands;

  • a desk for props;
  • a tray for Human inside Bubble Act (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set);
  • a glowing table (Props,Glowing Table);
  • a set of outdoor props;
  • a floor covering;
  • accessory.
And now, let's dwell on each point.
A set small wands
A small wands set must include hoops of the following diameters: 10 cm (Props, 10-cm Wand), 20 cm(Props, 20-cm Wand), 30 cm(Props, 30-cm Wand). You'll need a bubble-maker, preferably two. A furnace will be handy too.

It is here that most often the children's toys are regarded as "professional" props.
A set large wands
A set of large wands includes hoops and accessories for the bubble show with diameters greater than 30 cm. All these wands are made to order in small batches.
The equipment for bubble shows can be made of plastic (from hoops or tube) or metal. The plastic wands of such diameters are in fact circular rings; other shapes do not exist. Metal props can be made of any shape.

My set includes a Daisy wand with the diameter of 47 cm, a froth wand of the same size, a large 47-cm bubble-maker (Props, Large bubble-maker).

If you are going to have different wands of large diameter, you'll get a real show of GIANT bubbles. All metal wands are distinguished by several important aspects:
  • Seams type – I definitely choose welded ones.
  • The material used for wand winding – I am for synthetics.
  • The availability of anti-corrosion coating – my wands underwent polymerization process.
  • The way the handle is made – the handles of my wands are rubberized and ribbed.

  • Which metal is used? I am definitely for stainless steel. Because no matter how the rusting metal is painted, corrosion will win.
The winding is made of synthetic cord. It is durable, does not fade and holds moisture well.
The handle of the wand is grooved, rubberized. It is comfortable to hold in your hand.
The tray for large wands
This tray must be equipped with a drain valve. The molded trays cannot have it.
Drain faucet already installed. The detergent will be in the canister immediately after use.
Even better, if it is built into the work desk (Props, Work desk) and is also equipped with a drain valve. Thus, you get rid of extra bags and your set looks more professional. It is desirable that your work desk has wheels.

Also bowls standing on a leg are often used for these purposes.
A bowl standing on a leg and an auxiliary table is an alternative to the desktop.
The desk for props
Most often artists use folding portable tables, sometimes the customer-provided tables. Personally, I used to carry such a folding table with a decorative curtain for years.
My PVC table. His serving tourist table.
Now I have a work desk with built-in deep plate – it's more convenient.

But if you are going to use or already using a folding table, it'll be a good idea to decorate it so that no one can see the inside of your props. Everything has to look beautiful. Let's give them a beautiful show!
Beautiful and durable ABS plastic table. The legs are screwed to it.
The Tray for Human inside Bubble Act
The tray for Human inside Bubble Act is to go along with a wand of the same size. During my numerous shows I have tried a variety of trays:
    PVC plastic trays of glued design that I'm using myself now.
    The main disadvantage of PVC is fragility.
    Welded trays from polyethylene or polypropylene.

    They are very strong - you can hit them with a hammer . Now I'm using this one. My tray is made of polypropylene.
    • Solid, welded seams, completely made of plastic. Shaped like a trough. The plastic of the same quality as used for disposable plates or toys. Frequently, these trays are made of transparent plastic with a tint of some color.
    • Lightweight ones made of expanded polypropylene (sometimes called poly foam), they can be folded in half and are very light.
    • Rubber inflatable trays, this design is easy to understand. A trough or a container, with an elevation for a Human inside Bubble act.
    The last two are absolutely not suitable for good shows.
    The polypropylene ones are too soft; if you accidentally step on them, the detergent is easily spilt over. They also break down very quickly. In general, they are disposable. Not very practical. The photo is taken from Yandex pictures to be used an example.
    A rubber inflatable tray lacks aesthetics and I think that now there are few artists who use such items. In addition, it is very dangerous. The photo of an unknown artist. Taken from Yandex pictures to be used as an example.
    The Glowing Table for Bubble Show
    The glowing table should be easy to assemble and durable.

    At the moment I'm using a desk powered by batteries.
    The table for bubble shows must be bright, stable and pleasing to the eye. My glowing table is equipped with wheels.
    Using the froth tube you can put your hand inside the soap dome.
    I also have a desk that has two functions: a glowing disc and a work desk. It is as strong as a regular desk. Many of my students choose this particular model.
    2 in 1 desk made of ABS plastic. Strong and leakproof.
    It is very important that the desks of such modifications are made of high-quality plastic. Previously, we made such tables from PVC - the choice of this material adversely affected the service life of the product.
    2 in 1 desk of previous generation. Made of foamed PVC plastic. The main problems - depressurization, fragility. The work from 220V also turned out to be a disadvantage. The electric current and soap is a dangerous connection.
    The so-called outdoor set
    These items are used for outdoor shows – in the wind or indoors. The outdoor set for making giant soap bubbles is absolutely a must-have. Now I'm using three tools:

      • droplets (Props, the Beads), оthey make a lot of bubbles with a diameter of about 15 cm;

      • triangle (Props, The Triangle), it is designed for a bubble of up to 1.5 meters in diameter and long sleeves;

      • and mesh (Props, The Net) – for a giant sectional bubble.
      ТThe Tri string is a bubble show tool that can be used indoors.
      Such devices are used both for outdoor and indoor shows and performances.
      The Floor Coating for Bubble Shows
      Such a coating can be found in any major city. Do not waste money on shipment from other places. This is a rubber-based carpet. I do not like the way the performance on the rag, on a film or a bathroom mat looks. Everything should be nice and safe! Yes, this carpet is quite heavy, but you can live with it.

      Your size is 3 by 4 meters, if desired, you can cut into two pieces for easy transportation. If your customer's venue has a non-removable carpet on the floor, don't forget to pre-lay a big-size film under your carpet. If the carpet gets soaked it'll leak on the customer's floor.

      Of course, it will be good if you have a special case for transportation.
      Case for Covers
      Additional wands
      Stars-, hearts-, square-shaped wands produce same round bubbles as the round ones do. They are purchased on request. I use star- and heart-shaped (Props, Heart-shaped) wands only during the interactive part of my shows, for beautiful photos.
      I use the heart-shaped wand only for wedding receptions.
      The rings of other diameters won't change anything in your show. Such wands can be factory- and custom-made.

      Now I use metal rackets in synthetic winding. I chose them because:
      • they are more aesthetic, because they can be made in one matching color;
      • they are very durable, they can be stomped on, they can be thrown on the floor;
      • I like that I can have any diameter I want.
      These include a horn, froth and fire tubes, smoke generators. Tubes for bubbles blowing.

      Previously, aerosols or gas cylinders were used to produce fire. For smoke - electronic cigarettes and children's toys. The tubes were replaced with straws for cocktails.
      Such cans used to produced fire at a bubble show.
      Of course, all of the above is not suitable for professional use.
      The latest version of smoke generator
      Light is another aspect
      You can use led lights purchased in specialized stores. For example, in the Light and Music chain store.
      A Light from the store
      I use Russia-made wireless lights. They are bright and convenient. And you don't have to run around with wires.
      My light for the show. I use from 2 to 4 of these.
      Here's my brief overview. In the end I want to describe another props type – household tools such as flower pots, basins, fishing rods, carpet beaters, vases and other stuff.

      These things are suitable for the bubble show only in one case – if no one of your viewers is able to guess from what they are for!!!
      Commercially available props are made in China for children.
      Custom-made props can be regarded as professional, if they are of good quality.
      For a standard show you will need: a set of small wands, a set of large wands, a tray, a desk for props, a tray for human in bubble act, a glowing table, a set of props for outdoor shows and a floor covering.
      The set of small wands includes hoops with diameters of 10, 20 and 30 cm, a bubble-maker, a furnace or a froth tube, burning bubbles props and a pair of tubes.
      The set of large wands includes hoops and accessories with a diameter greater than 30 cm. These wands are to be custom-made. There are made of plastic and metal.
      The tray for large wands must be equipped with a drain valve. It's great if it is built into the desktop and has wheels.
      You can use a travel table a table for props. Decorate it so that it looks beautiful.
      The trays for human inside bubble act can be made of laminated PVC, solid plastic, polypropylene and rubber.
      The glowing table should be easy to assemble and durable with 220V outlet and reliable autonomous electric equipment.
      The outdoor set should include rope (string) accessories: a tri string, a mesh, and beads. The first two may be used indoors.
      It's a good idea to use a rubber-based carpet as a floor coating.
      For beautiful photos during an interactive show you can use star- and heart-shaped wands.
      Props from my store
      Props, with which the artist looks decent
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