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Steam Generators in Bubbles Shows

Steam Generators in Bubbles Shows

Today, quite often, we use steam generators in our bubble shows. I'd like to tell you what they are and what they are needed for.
What is a steam generator for?
By means of a steam generator the bubbles turn out a bit hazy inside. In order to blow hazy bubbles out of your tube, you need to take a tube of large diameter and send some steam into it. The heated air will propel the bubbles upwards. You can do a trick with a steam generator on a glowing desk. You can fill the bubble with hot air, and when it comes off the desk, it will also fly up. It turns out very spectacular, the audience is thrilled.
What Kind of a Steam Generator do I Use?
I personally use the Kärcher steam generator. The famous yellow colored unit costs about 6 thousand rubles. The only thing I want to mention is that I fill it not with water but with some liquid for smoke making. The resulting bubbles are more saturated in color. It is obvious that you need to adjust to using a steam generator, because each time it produces a different pressure. My steam generator, of course, is a bit too large in size. But I do not see this as a particular problem. If you have an assistant, you can use this machine for your bubble show.
Manual Steam Generators
There are commercially available manual steam generators. They are sold in hardware stores and home appliance stores. Unfortunately, I am not sure about particular models. But I saw that many bubble show artists also use them. Honestly, my experiments with the manual steam generator ended in failure. The handheld steam generator I bought produced steam under high pressure, which is not suitable for bubbles at all.
I still like the option when the steam generator is somewhere on the floor and the viewer can only see the hose and the gun. Then filling a bubble with smoke looks more magical.
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Below is a video about how I use a steam generator in my bubble show.
Steam generators create slightly hazy bubbles – they look spectacular and beautiful.
Bubbles can be blown into the tube from the steam generator on a glowing desk or separately.
I use a Kärcher steam generator. You need to adapt to it, it is big in size.
There are manual steam generators, sold in hardware stores and home appliances stores.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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