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How to update your bubble show number?

How to update your bubble show number?

My article is about updating your number, changing the bubble show number script. Indeed, from one year to another people write, speak and show the same things. I would like to tell you a little about it.
The first thing I would like to mention is that the programs I show to my audiences are not exactly the same. It is very difficult to show two absolutely identical programs, it is boring even for yourself. In my numbers there are no identical tricks, at every wedding reception I show something new, it's not boring for me as an artist.
Imagine a bubble show artist giving the same old program day after day, this will not bring him/her any inspiration or joy. Therefore, I constantly try something, check it out, introduce one new trick at a time, see how the audience reacts to it. During my interactive parts, I constantly improvise, interpret my tricks differently. Looking at the reaction of people, you can understand what they like, which trick is more effective, and which one is better not to repeat.
If you ask me about changes in the number, I will advise the following:
  • Change yourself
This is the most important point that relates to changing the number. Change yourself, the presentation, the image , your attitude to the soap bubbles and everything else. You should have a new concept in your head, you should clearly see what your new number will be like. Whether it will be smooth, romantic, melodic, or it will come out playful, with some dance elements and drive. Or maybe it will be with elements of magic, illusion, theater ), and you will try on a particular image and will act it in your bubble show.
What could these images be like?
The choice is limited only by your imagination, starting from a rock star and ending with the image of a child's cartoon hero. If you are able to play theatrical roles, then why not do it? Of course, you need to understand that this image should be projected onto everything you do.
I will give you a few examples.
If you try on a romantic artistic image, then everything from the music and the costume to the curtain on your desk should be done in the same style. Your tricks should also fit in well with this image. If the image of the artist is playful with dance elements, then there will be no trace of romance, as is the case with the image of a magician. Here, you need to think over everything to the smallest detail, maybe, to include some decorations – the field for creativity here is simply huge. If you analyze in detail the design of your number, your image, the music for the show, the selection of tricks, then you can think of anything: a folk or circus style number, a rock star style, etc.
If you want to completely change your show , you should act like this. But remember that if you try on a new image on yourself, it should match your personality. The show should look natural, harmonious, so that the audience like your program and enjoy it. As soon as you try to put on something artificial, the situation might turn out not very pleasant: a contrived and glued smile, lack of naturalness, the viewer feels it and is unlikely to want to come to your show again. Think about something that is close to you a person.
  • Tricks
I always have the same question for all bubble show artists: Who told you that all the tricks that you can do should be shown within one performance?
Just don't do it. Some part of the tricks is to be removed for the first time, maybe in a year you will change the number and put new tricks into it.
All that you can just will not go into one performance. The emphasis should be on something new that other artists have not yet included in their programs, but you already know how to do it. You also need to relate the content of your show with the invented style.
  • Interaction with bubbles
Ok, you've tried on your new image, chosen the style of the number, and then your interaction with the bubbles begins. During the number the artist communicates with his/her bubbles, inflates them, watches, shows his/her reaction. Only after that the viewer begins to respond to the artist and his/her number.
If you choose a romantic style, then look at the bubbles in loving, affectionate manner. If your number is more dynamic, then you can already look at your bubbles with a touch of malice or cunning. You must be able to make faces, show some appropriate emotions that will match the selected image.
  • Improving material base
This includes the props for the bubble show, lights, accessories etc.
Props helps to diversify your number, but it'd not a priority. Your idea should go first and then everything else. It is necessary to proceed not from a certain trick but from the idea you've chosen.
Think and you will definitely have some thoughts about the concept of your number.
For this season I also have a new idea. I hope that I will implement it. Give it a try, I'm sure that everything will work out for you!
It is not necessary to act from year to year with the same old bubble show number. It will not bring joy neither to the audience nor to the artist.
Start changing your number with yourself. Come up with the right idea for the number. A new concept can be romantic, dance-like, even circus-like; the main thing is to do everything else in the same style.
It is not necessary to include all the tricks that you know in one number. Choose a few first, and over time include other tricks.

Your interaction with bubbles during the show is to match the overall concept of your number.
The bubble show props will help diversify your number.
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