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Small Things You Need for your Bubble Show

Small Things You Need for your Bubble Show

In this article, I would like to tell you about what you should have when you prepare for your bubble show. It doesn't mean you will need all of them, but it is better to have these items just in case. It is not necessary to bring everything with you on stage; some things can stay in your car before the show.
How Many Towels? Of what Kinds?
You have to have at least two towels so that you can wipe your hands and give them to the people you invited to the master class.
For example, the groom got hid fiery bubble on his hand; he will need to wipe his hands, give him a towel. Or the bride got her frothy pyramid on her hand, she also will need a towel. Give your audience a nice clean towel, not too disgusting to wipe their hands.
Newlyweds are blowing bubbles
Also, get a towel also for your assistant, it will come in handy, he/she is also always covered in soap.

Besides that, you should always have enough towels to wipe the spilled liquid. Everything might happen: either a valve is not closed or someone kicks the tray etc. Even a mop with a replaceable attachment cannot always save your day. By the way, you should have as many mop attachments as the number of shows as planned for the evening. For example, two weddings are planned – take two removable attachments.
Any liquid that remains after you leaves a bad impression. Do not leave any traces behind. You came to a clean room, you must leave the room clean afterwards. So just in case, bring towels with you. They should be a regular kind, aesthetically looking towels, not scary rags.
  • Special chic - is to find and buy black towels.
Recently we've had a terrific case. I did not expect that something like that could have happened at all. After the performance, we rolled out the desk and wanted to drain its contents outside the show grounds, so that the guests could dance while we were busy draining. We put the table, there was still some liquid there. A child approached it and opened the valve. At that moment, my assistant was collecting carpets, I was changing clothes, we did not notice that. As a result, the tiled floor was covered with a three-liter puddle of soapy liquid. It was clear that it is impossible to remove this mess with a mop or two towels. Therefore, bring a sufficient number of towels with you, so that everything can be cleaned, even in such situations.

All that liquid was on the floor
A Supply of Lighters
Do not forget a few spare lighters. One for you, if you yourself fire a bubble, one or two for your assistant, just in case. A lighter might fall into the tray and get wet; sometimes it just dies, etc. Make sure you always have a supply of lighters. Some artists work at more than one wedding in a row. Lighters very often get wet, so you need to have a few.
Even if you find an expensive waterproof lighter, then, most likely, you will soon lose it in the turmoil. Therefore, you still need a few of them. I usually have some lying around in my car, 1-3 in my purse, and my assistant has 1 or 2 lighters. I do not know where they go. I buy them regularly.
A Film on the Floor is a Must!
You always should have a film with you. What if you come somewhere with unmovable carpet. The liquid can seep through your carpet. First, put the film, and then your carpet to be on the safe side. If there is laminate on the floor, it can even swell in a short time after contact with water. The house owners will get unpleasant memories after you leave. Therefore, a roll of film must necessarily be with you.
Spare Flash Drive
  • You should always have a spare flash drive with your music tracks.
Just recently we went to a wedding. In fact, we had several weddings that evening. During one of them our flash drive was given to other artists who performed before us. The artists left for the next gig, we went to another without our flash drive. The situation was unpleasant; how could I perform with some horrible music!? So, make sure that you have a spare flash drive. It's really important.
Your Hands: How to Protect Them?
During the autumn-winter period, many people who are engaged in bubble shows, notice that their hands start getting to dry and skin cracks. This happens almost always with beginners, because they practice a lot. But experienced artists might also experience it, because the soapy alkaline is aggressive.

There are three reasons why this happens
    • Firstly, we do not wash hands after performances and we go with soapy hands. Our hands are covered with a thin soap film, despite the fact that hands are dry. This is a soapy alkaline substance.
    • Secondly, we then go out with soapy hands outside, where it's windy and cool.
    • Thirdly, we do not apply cream on our hands.
    I recommend not to forget about your hands and take care of them. Nothing will happen if you spend a little time on yourself. It will take you 2-3 minutes. Wash your hands, wipe dry and apply some cream. After performance, your hands are soaked in moisture, you go outside and immediately get skin weathering effect. Wear gloves, especially girls. Have some mercy on yourself and your hands.
    During your show, you should have at least two aesthetically-looking towels to wipe your hands with and share them with the audience. Get a towel for your assistant.
    Make sure you have enough towels with you to wipe spilled liquid, because the situations during shows are unpredictable.
    Carry a few spare lighters with you, because they often get wet, die, get lost, etc.
    Be sure to have a protective film for floors, so that it can be placed in rooms where you cannot allow even the slightest moisture leakage (non-removable carpet, laminate, etc.)
    Carry a spare flash drive with your music tracks. It's unpleasant when the main flash drive is lost, and you do not have a spare one.
    After the show wash your hands, wipe them dry and treat them with a protective cream. Especially in the autumn-winter period. Without care, your hands will quickly become weather-beaten and get skin cracks.
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