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How to make a froth tube for your bubble shows?

How to make a froth tube for your bubble shows?

A froth tube is a device for bubble shows designed to produce a lot of froth. If you Google type: "How to make froth for a bubble show?", you will find out that they basically offer you to take a plastic bottle, cut it in two, then pull on a sock and blow.
There is a very good idea in this tip, but this accessory does not look very aesthetic. I would advise you to make a slightly different version for your bubble show.
These funny horns can be made using a froth tube
What do you need for this?
  • A tube. This can be any tube with a diameter of 3-6 cm.
  • A little ring. It should be slightly smaller than the tube itself. For example, if you have a tube with a diameter of 3.5 cm, then the ring should be 3.2 cm, or at least 3 cm in diameter.
    If you have not found this kind of ring, then some tape can be wound on a smaller ring thus increasing its diameter.
  • A piece of cloth. The cloth should be furry, for example, short-pile fleece or faux fur. A very important parameter for the fabric: it should "breeze". You can do an experiment: take a piece of cloth and blow in it; the air should easily pass through it.
We put this fabric on the ringlet and then push it into our tube so that it reaches the bottom edge of the tube and slightly protrude.

Your froth tube is ready! You can dip it in the detergent (Detergent recipe), blow into it, and the froth will easily get out of the tube.
Some froth tube tips
Froth tubes tend to be clogged, so this point needs to be thought out. The ring should sit in the tube very, very tightly, there is an option to use some screws. In this case, if your tube gets clogged, you can blow into it harder, and the screws will not allow the ringlet to fly out of the tube like a cork.

Froth tubes for bubble shows can be washed, dried, etc. Below is a video on how to make a similar froth tube with your own hands.
For those who want to try to make bubble show props on their own, this one is quite a suitable option. For example, in my blog there is an article about how to make a DIY smoke generator (How to make a smoke tube for a bubble show?).

I use a 2-in-1 froth tube (Props, Fiery Froth Tube) in my show.
My fiery froth bubble show tube
Successful experiments to all of you!
A froth tube for bubble shows can be made with your hands. What is offered on the Internet in this relation is not very aesthetic.
To manufacture a froth tube you'll need a 3-6 diameter tube, a ringlet of a smaller diameter and a piece of fleecy fabric.
Such a tube might get clogged, so it is better to use some screws. Thus, the ring will not fly out of the tube, even if you blow hard into it.
I use a 2-in-1 foam tube in my bubble show.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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