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Performing in front of adult audience.
How to begin?

Performing in front of adult audience.
How to begin?

How to put on a soap bubble show before an adult audience and not to be afraid of the grownup viewers? Recently, the number of questions on this topic has greatly increased. I was surprised and pleased at the same time. Usually, more questions are asked in relation to the bubble show scenarios for children's holidays, where kids run around, burst bubbles and "interfere with my work." Adult holidays are quiet and slow-paced, so they are not so "scary".
Starting the show
I'd like to share my personal experience with you. I started with mixed audiences. One of my first bubble shows was held in a large shopping center, this event was visited by both adults and children. I had no fear of the adult public, to be honest.
Performing for mixed audiences.
I advise to all my students, who are trained in soap bubbles shows, not to concentrate only on one age group, for example, children. Try yourself in front of different audiences, and there will be no fear of either.
Do not be afraid of adult audience!
In fact, I prefer to perform in front of adults.
On the one hand, it is easier to act for children in terms of techniques. I will explain what I mean. Your technical errors are not so evident when you perform for kids and their reaction is very predictable. They always like everything.

The adult viewers are more skeptical, they can pay attention to some mistakes during the performance. Besides, you have to earn adults' sympathy. But if you consider yourself a professional artist, you must be able to weasel your way out of weird situations.
Are you ready to perform in front of an adult audience?
Only experience can give you an answer to this question. It is best to try not to be afraid, to tune yourself to a positive mood in order to enjoy your work.
If you are on the same wavelength with your audience, who came to celebrate their holiday, everything will turn out well. And after a few bubble shows you will realize that there was nothing to be afraid of.
What is scary when performing in front of adults?
Probably, your fears are related to probable errors that might occur during this or that trick after which rotten tomatoes will fly in your face. Well, you are wrong. The adult audience appreciate the artist's ability to cheer them up, the artistry, the drive, the positive emotions he or she gives them during performance.
Be sure to establish contact with the audience, you should be on the same wavelength with them, communicate with them. The viewer must see that you are passionately fond of your work doing the bubble show. In this case, your small errors will go unnoticed. The main thing – do not focus on them too much!
There's no such thing as an ideal performance!
There are hardly bubble show artists, who do not have incidents with their props and gear for bubble shows, whose bubbles never burst and all their tricks are a success from the first time. Do remember, that every artist who puts on such shows has issues with bubbles that burst periodically in an unplanned time. This is okay, if you did not reveal it by your facial expressions.
Once again, I want to wish every artist success. Just go and do your own unique show! Do not forget about your costume, it must match the holiday mood. For an adult event, you will no longer wear a children's costume and put on the kids' music.
Try to match the venue you perform at and then the success of your show is guaranteed 100%. Good luck, great weddings and rocking New Year's corporate parties!
Do not be afraid of adult viewers.
Start doing shows before mixed audiences. Do not be too focused on the same audience.
Children won't notice your mistakes, but adults will be more attentive.
The main thing is your positive attitude, your pleasure from your work, your ability to stay on same wavelength with the audience.
Do not be afraid to make a mistake, do not focus on it, get in touch with the audience.
Everyone's bubbles burst!
Choose an appropriate costume, music, and success is guaranteed.
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