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Bubble Artist's

Bubble Artist's Assistant

A lot of things depend on the bubble artist's assistant. When a couple of artists perform, they often do not need an assistant. They manage themselves. Honestly, I always perform on stage alone, but my assistant helps me prepare for the show. In my opinion, he/she is absolutely a must. Let's look at his/her duties.
Assistant Prepares the Venue
So, you come to the event for your bubble show (a wedding, a corporate event, an anniversary, etc.). You have to explain your assistant how the site will be built, where the props for the show will be located. The artist goes to change into his/her concert costume.
The assistant brings cases with props for the bubble show, arranges everything for you, pours in the detergent, hands your music tracks to the sound engineer.
The assistant pours the detergent into a Man Inside Bubble tray.
The artist should not deal with these troubles, he/she must concentrate on the performance. He/she should calmly concentrate with a good mood. You can check later, when everything has been ready.

Before the show starts, everything you need is in the corridor/anteroom, not in the hall. The props are on the desk. The detergent is already poured into trays and containers. The host announces your act, you enter with a radiant smile. The assistant helps you roll out your desk (Props, Work Desk). You brilliantly do the show of bubbles and finish your act on a bright note.
Assistant Helps During Performance
  • If your detergent has spilled somewhere on the floor, someone has grabbed something, a huge crowd of children has rushed on stage trying to sweep you off your feet, your assistant comes to the rescue.
  • If he/she sees a puddle on the floor, then he/she must gently, stealthily come up and wipe it so that no one slips on it.
  • If he/she sees that something has gone wrong (the wand has flown away, the lighter has failed, the smoke gun hasn't been turned on, etc.), he/she has to be ready to help you, because the situations might be completely different. Anything can happen.
Assistant is always there
Cleans the Stage
Besides, the role of an assistant is important when people are placed inside a soap bubble (Props, Human Inside Bubble Set). While you immerse each guest in a bubble, your desktop is not used, he/she can drain the detergent and remove the wands from it. If something has spilled, he/she has to wipe everything off so that the stage is clean and tidy.

When there is an Inside the Bubble photoshoot, its paramount for your assistant not get in the shooting line.
The only thing I help my assistant with is to draining the detergents from the bottom tray, since it's huge.

I do not run around in my costume with a mop and do not wipe anything, I do not yell at all and do not call for the janitor. After my show, everything must remain as clean as it was before.
Assistant Checks on the Artist
The assistant will check that I have not forgotten anything, because my head is occupied with other thoughts. The assistant must turn on or off the bubble generator (Overview of Bubble Generators for Bubble Shows), the lighting equipment in time, close the open windows, check that the air conditioners are turned off by the banquet hall administrators. There is a separate article on this topic, called The Bubbles Enemies (The Bubbles' Enemies. Draughts, Air Conditioners and Lows).

So, it's better to have an assistant, it's not so expensive. When you drive, and you're also late for the event and are so nervous. It seems to me that too many emotions are wasted; let there be an assistant, sometimes he/she is also a driver. It is easier to raise the price tag on your bubble show in your city by five hundred rubles and give this money to your assistant.
My best checker.
Assistant Protects Artist
Besides your assistant, no one will protect you. You are an artist, you are totally defenseless. You cannot put guests in their places. Yes, sometimes there are such guests. Especially at New Year's corporate parties. At least your assistant can help you with this.

There are times when people forget to pay you, it might happen accidentally. What should you do in this case? A beautiful actress does her job and comes up to the groom and the bride to ask for her money?
Does not look good. That's where your assistant steps in. The inconspicuous young man in casual clothes comes up, quietly takes the money and walks to you.
Assistant is always a must.
Assistant brings in cases, arranges props, hands music tracks to the sound engineer, prepares everything for the performance.
During the performance, he/she constantly monitors everything. If something goes wrong, he/she helps fix it.
Removes all the props, leaves the stage clean and neat.
Turns on all the equipment in the right time.
Defends the artist from misbehaving audeince.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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