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How to Get Ready for the Autumn-Winter Season

How to Get Ready for the Autumn-Winter Season

The main focus during the preparation for the cold season are your props, your carpet, your detergent and personal care: your hands and costume.
Taking care of props in winter
Large props such as tables, trays are most often made of plastic. It is important to understand that this material behaves somewhat differently under frosty weather and under normal room temperature. Therefore, you need to carefully protect your props from impacts. Frozen plastic gets hard as nails. Any good knock can result in cracks. Be careful, spend some money on protective cases. Especially if you have a small car, and everything is piled up together.
I recommend using cases for props transportation. Especially in winter.
Drying carpets in winter
Be sure to think about where you will dry your carpet in winter. Of course, it can be hung so that it freezes. In principle, it is possible, once upon a time I used to do it myself. I had two carpets: one is drying (freezes), the other travels with me and works. Looks like an option. But still it is better to find some room. You can apply to the house management. It is likely that you will be offered (for a modest fee) a semi-basement or attic space with heating. Many of my pupils do so. Think about this in advance, because later you might find it more difficult.
How to transport your detergent in winter?
Do not put your detergent in the trunk, it's cold in there. Put it inside, where the heater is working. Can be on the floor under the front seat or simply on the seat. Cold detergent is unlikely to produce good quality bubbles. Do not leave the detergent in the car overnight. It will freeze.

In our blog, there is a separate article about taking care of the props and detergent care. Be sure to read it.
Do not forget about your hands
Another focus is your hands. Dear colleagues, take care of your hands. You need to take care of your hands skin. Weathering in the winter is much more common than in the summer. Imagine that your hands spent half an hour in soapy water, got soaked all over and then you go outside, where it's cold and windy. Wash your hands, wipe them dry, apply some hand cream, wear gloves or mittens. It is very important.
Using costume in winter
For men it's simpler, they wear pants, they do not need to change. As for the girls, I have to say the following. In the hectic period of New Year's corporate parties, they most often have no time to change clothes; or there is no place for changing. Make sure you wear a pantsuit, or at least put on some boots. They'll help you to safely drive, get out, do your job and move over to the next event. It's just convenient and comfortable. I would recommend a winter variety of costume for girls. In winter, performing with bare shoulders and back makes you feel cold. Take care of yourself, think about what you will wear in the winter. Personally, for myself, I've already decided that for the coming cold season I will make myself a special costume for New Year's corporate parties. It will be a dress with sleeves and boots for convenience.
Frozen plastic props might crack from impact. Transport them it in cases.
Think through where you will dry your carpet in winter. You can apply to house management.
In winter, carry your detergent inside your car where it is warm. And do not leave it overnight in the car.
After the show, wash your hands, wipe them dry, use some protective cream. Wear gloves when outside. Without such actions, the skin on your hands will dry and crack.
In the period of New Year's corporate parties, it often happens that artists have no time or place to change their clothes. Therefore, think in advance about your winter costume. It can be either pants or a dress with boots.
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