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How difficult it is to be an event organizer

How difficult it is to be an event organizer

In this article I'd like to share my experience regarding show organizers. I'd rather say to speak in defense of them. We artists often accuse those who organize our events. It seems to us that the food was tasteless, the water stale, the dressing room was not provided to us. And the show presenter (not a very good person at all), offended us, reduced our show duration, and so on. In general, everything went wrong, not as we would like it to be.
Recently I acted as an organizer. I mean my Guinness record of 374 people inside a bubble. I realized that being an organizer is a hellish kind of job.
The organization of an event is difficult to compare with something else. You are responsible for a huge crowd of participants and spectators. To say nothing about the preparation of the event itself. It only seems that everything is so simple and understandable. In fact, you need to know who and when takes the stage, to assign the dressing rooms, etc. This is sooo hard.
When you come to the venue, your ideas just collapse. Everything changes in a fraction of a second. Something is not delivered, the owners of the premises let you down, someone is running late, someone does not show up at all, everyone has his/her hundreds of problems. But the show must go on no matter what. The organizer must at all costs coordinate and correct all the possible mistakes.

After that particular event, I began to treat organizers quite differently. I began to understand how difficult it is!

It would seem a simple task: direct the crowd of the participants in the record attempt to the site after a briefing. No way! I had to create a "live corridor" of volunteers, so that people do not run away.

A press room was allocated, but a crowd of spectators rushed there. And the reporters themselves tried to crash the fence.

At the preparation stage it is necessary to take into account a huge number of small things. Starting from the location of the cloak room and ending with the location of the bathroom and water coolers.
The unforeseen: the people arrived at the record attempt site with huge bags, and those things took a lot of space on the site, so they had to be dumped in a huge pile on the floor and given back later one by one.

My advice to the bubble show artists: if you want to have a dressing room and everything else you need, talk it over in advance. I personally reduced my "Wishlist" after that. I do not belong to the demanding kind of artists. I can easily change my clothes in a women's room, check my props and the bubble detergent in the lobby. It's no big deal for me at all. Nevertheless, I became more loyal to organizational aspects after I had acquired my own experience.

Organizing a turnkey event is very really hard. Therefore, my round of applause to the organizers of events of various scales. I wish you understanding from your clients, artists and responsible partners. Let your events and concerts be of the highest possible level!
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