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Outdoor Bubble Show Specifics

Outdoor Bubble Show Specifics

Let us look into a very important and urgent issue – outdoor performances. With the onset of summer, you need to take part in more and more outdoor activities, whether you like it or not. Everyone, of course, understands that outdoor shows differ entirely from indoor ones. In this article, I will discuss in detail the specifics of outdoor performances.
Free outdoor gigs
In general, I try to participate in as many free outdoor events as possible and minimize the paid ones, because you never know what to expect on this or that day. What the weather will be like: rainy, windy, very windy. Anything might happen, the weather is full of surprises. Especially where I live, in Siberia. Here the weather can change abruptly in a matter of minutes.

Free outdoor activities include the municipal shows or promotion campaigns.
At a Municipal Show
If I perform at a municipal event as part of a big concert program, then my act can last for about 5 minutes. I blow bubbles from everything that can be used depending on the weather. Let's talk about this further.
At a Promotion Event
If I work at a promo spot, then, most likely, I will have to blow bubbles for quite a long time. I do bubbles for 5-10 minutes, then I invite passers-by, adults or children, we blow bubbles together, have fun, draw attention. After that the traffic has passed, we again put some fences around and I work again. In principle, it can go on all day long, it's quite normal. To realize your commercial interests, in this case, you can put a number of soap bubbles for sale. I think that the spot will pay off on that the day.
Paid Events
Outdoor paid activities are often children's birthdays and in rare cases, weddings. I do not know how it works in your city, but in Omsk, outdoor weddings are extremely rare. Most often they are held in cafes or restaurants. But again, if it's an outdoor wedding, then it is held in tents, where the wind is reduced to a minimum. And we are talking now about open areas, where, roughly speaking, a clear field. No tents, wigwams or verandas. Although, verandas are different. If it is not solid, it can also be attributed to an open space.
Talk the nuances over with the customer in advance
In case of such events you have to discuss all the nuances with your customer. Explain to him/her that due to weather conditions your act can be shortened, and the interactive part, when guests themselves will be doing bubbles, will be maximally expanded. Let's assume that at a children's birthday, your act will last not for long, 5-10 minutes max. That is because all the caterpillars, merry-go-rounds, luminous table, etc., all this will fly away and nothing will come out. All the same there will be some wind. Of course, you'll do your best, but it is better to prepare a customer for what may happen differently. After a short act, you will blow bubbles with guests using outdoor props, different wands for as long as possible.

At the same time, you still have to warn the customer that the Human inside Bubblepart might go wrong. You will try very hard, though, but it all depends on the weather. You can, of course, take some blankets, sheets, try to fence off your spot somehow, ask guests to help, this can also be done, but in the end, everything depends on the customer.
At weddings, we also warn about possible consequences. But on the whole, it rarely happens that nothing happens at all. At least something WILL work.
What to Take for Outdoor Show?
When outdoors, your main assistant is a bubble generator. If you take a lot of outdoor activities, it's best that you have it. Why? Because it blows bubbles in any case, even in strong winds. Also, it's very good to have a few bubble-makers. They, too, produce lots of small bubbles in any weather. Froth wands, chamomiles(daisies), big bubble-makers, outdoor props, especially mesh and beads – they all will help you a lot.
Try to take outdoor activities seriously. Pay attention to which way the wind blows from which side it is better to place the tray. The wind most often changes its direction right during the performance, so you have to adjust to any conditions.
The most important thing when working outside is to have fun, to enjoy what you are doing, and then everything will turn out fine. There is no need to panic. Do not do the tricks that require static. Tennis, mesh – your bubbles fly away, you won't catch them. But all that is in motion, in flight will look just great at outdoor events.
Outdoor performances are different from indoor ones.
Outdoor events are best when they are free of charge, because no one knows what the weather will be like on that day.
You can work for free at a city holiday as a part of a concert program, as well as at a promotion event.
Paid outdoor events are children's birthdays and, in rare cases, weddings.
Talk over with the customer the fact that your program might change due to weather conditions. Your main act will be shortened, but the interactive part will be expanded.
The ability to do an outdoor Human inside Bubble act also depends on the weather.
When working outdoors, you'd better to use a bubble generator, bubble-makers, outdoor props, etc.
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