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Effective outdoor advertising
for bubble shows

Effective outdoor advertising for bubble shows

I would like to tell a little about outdoor advertising for bubble shows. Outdoor advertising is the one that is placed outdoors and targets a large number of people. But there is one "But": the outdoor advertising on billboards and pavement signs, in fact, does not work in our field. You should not expect the immediate effect, and you will receive lots of calls or bookings.
Car Stickers
There is another type of outdoor advertising, a very peculiar looking one, but very effective. Car stickers. I really do recommend to everyone who is engaged in bubble shows or some other types of event to use car stickers. You need to paste over not only the rear window, but the whole car, so that everyone can clearly see the phone number and the name of the service. Of course, such a car must be kept clean.
Stickers on my car
Have fun! Attract attention!
In summer, I sometimes amuse myself in the following way: while in a traffic jam, I stick out of my car window and start blowing bubbles from a children's bubble jar. People react very positively smiling and having fun. It often happens that they call me and say: "You know, I am driving next to you. You have a bubble show. What events do you perform at? And what is this all about? "People unwittingly start thinking where this show can be used!
Bubble generator to help
To advertise my show I used a bubble generator on my car generators in Bubbles Shows (Steam Generators in Bubbles Shows). People pay attention at a bright-colored car with stickers. And then there's a bunch of bubbles too! Here, of course, there are some nuances: the car gets dirty quickly, the generator must be removed so that it is not stolen, the liquid spills on a bumpy road. But anyway, the advertisement was cool, positive, everyone was surprised at our approach to advertising.
Bubble generator on the car
How to become a wedding gift?
There was a case when I was stopped on the road. I was driving, the car next to mine was honking, blinking, meaning: "Stop!". I stopped, wondering, on the side of the road. A young man came out and said: "Hello! I'm going to the wedding, but I have no gift. Can you be my wedding gift? "This was a shock! Went there a little later. You understand that I needed a costume (How to make a costume for a bubble show?), props, etc. But I did the show at that wedding eventually!
100% effect!
Advertising on cars works, it really does. After online advertising and advertising in social networks it is the most effective technique. In comparison with your car pasted over with stickers, all those flyers, business cards that you distribute, are significantly inferior in efficiency.
Traditional outdoor advertising (signs, billboards, sidewalk signs, etc.) does not work for bubble shows.
One of the most effective types of advertising in the field of bubbles is stickers on cars.
The information about the show, contact details should be clearly visible.
Bubble generators can be used in addition to the stickers. Place it on the car and advertise your show.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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