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Human Inside Bubble Sets Overview

Human Inside Bubble Sets Overview

In this article I want to tell you in detail about pallets Human Inside Bubble.
Tray diameters
I'm going to begin not with the materials, types and issues, but from the simplest element – the diameter of the trays. In my opinion, this is a very important point. I do not consider the items for placing a person into a soap bubble with a diameter of less than 80 cm as trays. I do not understand how a person can fit in there. One guest most likely will fit in a 50-cm wand and a 60-cm tray.

But there are situations when an overweight person will want to get inside the bubble. How will you cope with it? For me, these small trays are not a very reasonable investment.
I'll tell you in more detail about drains, drain valves, drainage holes, faucets, etc. I want to emphasize that this information applies only to the trays use for the Human Inside Bubble Act, where they are placed at the bottom.
Tray valve
Let's dip a bit into physics: the liquid will always flow from the top down. If we attach some kind of hose on the faucet and place it in a canister, the liquid will not flow there. What can be done to make it work? It is necessary to raise the tray to a level above the canister. You pick up the tray, hold it or put it somewhere, the detergent drips down your faucet. In this method, there is one controversial point: if your tray is more than 80 cm in diameter, it is problematic to put it on something big enough. I personally never had the desire to attach the faucet to the bottom tray.

There is another option: you can attach the faucet to the bottom tray and put a low vessel under the faucet. Then, in parts, drain the liquid out of this vessel into the canister. For me, this option is also unacceptable and incomprehensible.
Tray's beak
Honestly, I admit, never have I had a tray with a beak. Maybe a beak is very convenient. I'm used to working without a beak and do not want to make Human Inside Bubble trays with a beak. Who can use a beak on a tray? I think the owners of Mini sets of props do need a tray's beak for Human Inside Bubble act. The Mini set is presented on our website. There is no bowl that is put on the table. Also, there is no desk equipped with a drain system.

How do I drain the soap bubble detergent from the bottom tray? I pick it up and pour the contents in the desk. It happens very quickly, literally in 2 seconds. Raise the Human Inside Bubble tray and pour its contents into the desk. Then roll the desk to the side and there the detergent flows into the canister through the hose. Nothing is spilled, it is not necessary to mark a tray with a beak. Everything is fast and simple. My classical version doesn't have trays with beaks. We can make a beak on a Human Inside Bubble tray, it's free. If you want your tray to be equipped with a beak, let me know. Again, we will make a beak on your tray absolutely free of charge.
Tray's wheels
In my opinion, the wheels on the tray are a must. Except for one case: if you need it only for photo shoots inside a bubble. That is, you do not use it during your shows. Human Inside Bubble is stationary, people come onto it, you take pictures of them.

So, the Human Inside Bubble tray can be used, for example, in children's entertainment centers, in scientific museums. In these cases, the immersion in a giant bubble can be used as an attraction. It is safe to use the trays without wheels.

There is an opinion that it is inconvenient for children to step over a wheeled tray. Yes, it gets taller, it's really a little more difficult for little children to step over. But you won't not need to explain to the child, where he or she should stand on this tray. If the child stands off center, then the wheels allow to move the tray carefully in the right direction. It seems to me that it is more convenient than explaining to the children a hundred times where they need to stand. The tray's wheels made my work easier and more pleasant. The wheels on the bottom tray are a huge plus for me.
Human inside bubble wands
The Human Inside Bubble wands come in 3 types:

1. Wands made of PVC pipe. They are the most common.

2. Wands made of metal.

3. A gymnastic hoop. Most often a DIY item.

4. Specially made plastic tube with notches. This wand is light, but brittle. I saw the proof of it at the seminar in St. Petersburg.

A hoop from a PVC pipe cannot be broken, but it is rather massive unaesthetic. It must be decorated. A metal hoop is very difficult to break, it depends on the manufacturer, the kind of metal, the quality of welding. If the technological process is strictly followed and everything is done properly, the hoop is unbreakable. Still there is a nuance: hoops of very large diameters made of thin metal have a slight backlash. They are a little bit loose. It's OK, you just need to get used to the backlash.

Many people think that a wand made of PVC pipe is lighter than a wand made of a metal rod. It is not true. Wands made of metal are lighter.
How to decorate human inside bubble wands?
In 90% of cases this kind of props for bubble shows is not decorated at all. Most artists use them as they are. Some use reinforced hose on top of PVC pipe to create notches. It is a black material, inside of which there is a wire spring. This gives the props a more aesthetic look.

Metal wands can be polymerized, that is, to give them a certain color and at the same time, protect them from corrosion and plaque. Even if you have a wand made of stainless steel, the soap residue can stay on it.

Besides, the wands included in the Human Inside Bubble set can be wound or not. The winding is made either of cotton or woolen threads. My props are wound with a synthetic cord.
What should you look for when choosing a winding?
First of all, it is necessary that the winding does not lose its color. It is desirable that the winding material is artificial. It will need to be dried properly, otherwise it can rot.
Trays Materials
I want to share with you some information regarding the trays I work with. Why did I choose those in particular and refused from other options? There are several reasons for this.
Metal Trays
Let's start with the very first trays that appeared on the market. Those were the trays welded from metal. Its surface eventually peeled off, it was welded, bent, etc. Pros: it is very strong, cons: it is not very aesthetic.
Trays made from flower pots
A little later, there came the trays that were made from flower pots. Most often they were brought from the Ukraine. Pros: this kind of tray could be easily found, cons: everyone understood that they were dealing with a flower pot. It's not very professional.
Stamped Trays
Then came the trays, which once again have become popular. Such gear for a bubble show is made by stamping. Stamped trays are made of sheet material. Then, under the influence of high temperatures, they are bent to allow the trays to assume a certain shape. They are often equipped with a beak. Now such trays are made in black; before they were brown. Pros: lightness and cheapness, cons: the fragility of stamped trays. Now many people think how to attach wheels to such Human Inside Bubble props, make them more convenient.

What should you look for when buying these trays? If the chosen material, that is, ABS plastic, is too thin, the tray may break. This applies to a material with a thickness of less than 5 mm. When stretched under the temperature, it can take a thickness of 1 mm in some places. This is not very good for the tray. Pay attention to this when buying.

Be sure to ask what thickness was the plastic before making the tray. If this tray cracks, it's very difficult to fix it. Glue won't help.

More often, trays made by stamping cannot be made larger than 85 cm in diameter. In fact, this tray will be a maximum of 83 cm. This feature is associated with machines making such trays. This is their maximum diameter capacity. For me, this is a significant disadvantage. I do not understand how to work with such a tray, for example, at a wedding. On a children's holiday, I like to place 3-4 people inside one bubble. With a tray of 85 cm in diameter it is almost impossible.
PVC Trays
Another tray, which I used long enough, was made of foam PVC. It is glued. The features of this tray, the comparison of my new and old trays can be seen in the video below.
I used it for several reasons:

1. You can experiment with colors to decorate the Human Inside Bubble tray.

2. Such trays are relatively lightweight.

3. If the tray is made of high quality plastic, it is quite strong.

4. If such item is broken down, it can be repaired. After repair it can be used for a long time.

5. It is easy to make a beak on such a tray.

6. This tray can be made in any diameter.

I had a PVC one for a long time, it was easy first to attach the wheels to it, then to remove them.
My PVC tray.
Heavy duty Trays
Now I have a shockproof tray. It is made of thick polypropylene. The new tray is not glued, but welded from several parts. No way can it be broken in places of welding! You can only cut it when you have a strong urge. It is thick enough, slightly heavier than a PVC tray.
My shockproof tray
Its main feature is its strength. It is made of thick polypropylene. The new pallet is not glued, but welded from parts.
Once again, the main feature of the new tray is its strength. During transportation anything can happen. When we sent PVC trays, we were very worried about their delivery. Most often, trays broke, the wheels remained intact. In this case, if the wheels are attached, they can arrive broken. But the tray will remain intact, it is much stronger than the wheels.

In a nutshell, I will tell you about the difference between my tray and other anti-vandal items. They are made with completely different technologies. Other trays are often made of thick 2-layer ABS plastic. Due to the second layer their strength is provided. My tray is made differently. This thing, in my opinion, is good. The only drawback is that you cannot attach a beak to it. Well, you can attach it, but it won't look good.

When choosing a Human Inside Bubble tray, you should understand that you acquire it for a prolonged use. This is your friend; it will accompany you for a long time. This item takes up most of the load.

Let it conform to the strictest requirements. For example, even at a children's holiday you can encounter a very obese dad. He will need to be placed inside a bubble on a par with all other guests. It will be rude to exclude him.

Think it over and choose wisely. I hope that my experience will be useful to you.
A good Human Inside Bubble tray should be larger than 80 cm in diameter.
I do not use faucets and beaks on my trays, I simply drain the liquid into the desk. The beak is needed only for those who do not have a desk and a bowl.
Wheels on the bottom tray are necessary, especially when working with children. They are not needed by those who use Human Inside Bubble tray only for photo shoots.
Wands for Human Inside Bubble are made of PVC pipe, metal, special plastic tube with notches and gymnastic hoops.
Wands can be decorated. For example, you can attach a reinforced hose, polymerize, use winding.
I wind my props with a synthetic cord.
The first to appear on the market were the trays welded from metal and from flower pots.
Stamped trays are gaining popularity again. They have a significant disadvantage: they are not more than 85 cm in diameter.
For a long time I used a foamed PVC tray. It is comfortable, but fragile when transported.
Now my tray is made of polypropylene. It is shockproof, it is unbreakable.
Props from my store
Props, with which the artist looks decent
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