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How to Deal with Reviews?

How to Deal with Reviews?

This article will be entirely dedicated to reviews. The negative ones, rather than positive. How to get positive feedback?
Unfortunately, today, lots of people use fake reviews. They are written by order. The bubble artists are no exception. What you should do if there are no reviews about you and your work?
There are 2 options:
  • 1
    Follow the footsteps of those who publish fake reviews.
  • 2
    Ask your clients to write reviews about you.
There is one very important rule: do you want a good feedback? Just do your job well right from your heart. If you keep touch with your clients, you can simply ask them to leave a feedback.
For example, you knew the bride before her wedding. You discussed with her the nuances of the event, gave her some advice. In this case, you can call her after the wedding and ask her to write you a review. It is unlikely that she will refuse you. Provided you did a good job at the wedding reception.
What should you do with negative reviews?
Negative responses along with positive ones might be authentic and not quite. Yes, they pay for negative reviews too! Animators, show hosts, bubble artists also use such reviews for their own purposes.

Rules of conduct with negative reviews:
Rule # 1
It is necessary to keep track of when these reviews appear. It is worth monitoring websites, groups in social networks, all sites where they can leave a feedback. You should definitely be registered with Flamp. In this case, you will receive notifications of reviews.
Rule # 2
You should respond to such a review within 24 hours. Efficiency means your interest in the feedback of your customers, competitors, counterparts. Please, do not react with yells like "This is not true!", "These is all competitors' conspiracy!", and do not delete these reviews. Try to respond adequately.
Rule # 3
Specify the review's details. Ask where exactly he/she was, who was present there, when the event took place, who the customer was, etc. I always ask the following question: "Why didn't this review appear during the event itself, but after it?"
If the negative review is a fake, the author starts talking nonsense or simply shuts up. And if you did not work that evening at all, then write about it. Like this: "This evening I did not work at any events, you must confuse me with someone? Respond please. I am very worried. If I really am to blame, let's work it out together how we can find a way out of this situation. "
Rule # 4
You did not perform well for a good reason. If you really failed you got a negative feedback, you need to apologize. Admit your mistakes. Describe the reasons for your failure, if any. Like this: "I was 2 hours late for the show, because I had an accident. I apologize and I'm ready to perform for free. " You can also offer a refund for the performance, etc. What you will offer is up to you.
Rule # 5
Your show was a flop without a good reason. Admit your guilt and apologize to the author of the review. You can also return money for the performance, but usually this is agreed on the spot right away. You must immediately approach the customer and return the money. If it has already got to the point of a negative feedback, then do offer a refund after the event.
In fact, negative feedbacks are not fatal. We are all human beings and we have the right to err. If an artist responds to negative feedback adequately, then he/she cares about his/her reputation, his/her audience. This means that the next time he/she will act adequately, he/she will let the customer down, he/she will answer for his/her mistake.
I wish you all great shows, vibrant mood, only positive reviews, which you will not have to beg for!
Today, many artists use fake reviews.
If there are no reviews about you, it's easier to buy them, but it's better to ask your customers to write them.
Negative feedback can also be a fake.
Negative feedback should be answered immediately; monitor the websites, apologize, explain the reason for your failure.
If you fail, return the money to the customer right on the spot. Even better if you don't get in such a mess.
Respond to negative feedback adequately, this is an indicator of your attitude towards your audience and your work. Everyone has the right to err!
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