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How to put on a Christmas bubble show?

How to put on a Christmas bubble show?

How should you decorate your bubble show bubble program? How to turn your performance into something like a Christmas show? My new article is dedicated to these questions.
First of all, pay attention to the elements of a cryo-show in a bubble show. Such elements, especially dry ice and liquid nitrogen will decorate your number.
Why do you need an idea?
The most important thing in preparation for a Christmas/New Year's Day program is a cool idea. Of course, music is very important. Do not forget about the costume, you can add few Christmas elements to it.
But here I want to warn all the artists: you should not dress as a Snow Maiden or a Grandfather Frost (Santa and Elves) for both an adult's and a children's party. When a third Snow Maiden in a row arrives to a New Year's corporate event – it is no longer funny. Some dancer is the Snow Maiden, the Snow Maiden herself, and also the bubble show artist – the Snow Maiden … I don't think you should do that.
How to decorate your number?
To decorate your number, you can use themed bubble show wands shaped as X-mas trees, Stars; by the way, bubble makers can be wrapped in blue and they will become snowflakes. You can use Christmas beads instead of a rope, this trick is not new, but it always works.
You can upgrade your fish trick. Take a Christmas toy, a toy Christmas tree and the like. Put the toy on your palm, wet your hand, inflate a bubble, turn over the hand and the toy will be inside the bubble – a very spectacular New Year's trick.
A Steam Generator at the Christmas Bubble Show
Your New Year's (X-mas) bubble show will be more spectacular if you use a steam generator.

For example, you can do the Snowman trick, etc. Your number is limited only by your imagination.
If you have a well-designed X-mas concept, you can choose a right costume, decorate the curtains, the props in accordance with the concept. It all depends on the scenario of your New Year's (X-mas) performance. The main thing is that the costume, the scenery, the music should be relevant and match each other. The important role is played by the lights you use for your show.
Why you should not do an Exclusive New Year's Day (X-mas) Performance?
As for my performance, I will add New Year's Day elements to my show. BUT! The foundation of my show will remain the same.

When people book a magician for the New Year's Day party, this does not mean that he/she will only do holiday related magic tricks. When booking a singer, the customers do not mean that all her/his songs will be dedicated to the New Year's Day. Dancers, too, will not dance only New Year's Day or X-mas dances. Keep this in mind, do not be too focused on the holiday theme. You can introduce some elements of the holiday but you should not do completely Christmassy.
The release of a new program is always great and exciting, but it should not be dedicated exclusively to New Year's Day or X-mas! New Christmas costume, props, stage decorations – all these require huge investments. In my opinion, such costs are absolutely not justified. Your bubbles show looks Christmassy not due to your appearance and decorations. The artist must have a groove, proper music, and some little changes in the show design.
Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year, my colleagues. May you succeed in all your shows!
Your Christmas program can include some elements of a cryo-show.
For a spectacular New Year's Day show, you need a well thought out idea.
Bubble show artists should not dress up as Santa Claus or Snow Maiden or elves, etc.
It is possible to decorate your number with the help of X-mas tree, Star-shaped wands; instead of a rope you can use New Year's tree beads.
You should not make the program completely Christmassy, it is better to simply add a few holiday-related elements.
Your bubbles show looks Christmassy not due to your appearance and decorations. The artist must have a groove, proper music, and some little changes in the show design.
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