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How to Make a Rose for a Bubble Show

How to Make a Rose for a Bubble Show

Let us continue our training in the secrets of the bubble show.
In this article, I suggest a little DIY session featuring making a rose for a bubble show. With the help of such a rose and a smoke machine, you can make a spectacular trick that will be really appreciated by your audience.
What is the secret of the trick?
I'm going to reveal the secret of the trick with the flower. In fact, everything is quite simple: inside the flower is hidden an elastic band, which can be pulled to bend the bud. Then you just have to let it go and it gets back to his place. That's the idea of the trick!
What do you need to make a rose?
For the rose trick, you will need:

  • An artificial rose.
  • A thin brass tube with a diameter of 4mm.
  • Floral ribbon.
  • Elastic band.
  • 2 beads.
How to make a rose?
Well, let's start the process of making a rose for a bubble show. Take a bead and thread it on the elastic band. And then comes the crucial moment: you need to make a hole in the rosebud and thread the rubber band through it.
Make sure that both ends of the rubber go through the bud, and the bead is inside the bud! It is difficult to do, but it is possible.

Next, you need to insert the bud on the elastic band into the tube. Look at the video-instruction, there I propose my version of inserting the rubber band into a tube with the help of a wire. Maybe you'll figure out your own technique.
Why do you need beads?
The bead does not let the flower move from its place. Therefore, on the reverse side of the tube, where there is no bud, thread the second bead. Do not forget to make a knot! It can be made either inside the flower, or down on the stem. Choose a convenient option for yourself.
Secure the rubber
Secure the elastic band so that it extends freely upward. It should move neither too tightly nor too loosely. The main thing is that we can easily and quickly bend the bud for the trick.
If we start applying force, it will be noticeable to the audience. Watching such a trick is at least uninteresting.
Wrap the rose stem
Take your floral ribbon and begin to tightly wrap it around the tube.
Do not hurry! It is better to do it slowly, but nicely. This affects the visual appeal of your trick. When you will be wrapping the stem, add a couple of leaves at a distance from each other.
An important point!
Pay attention to the place where the stem and the bud are joined. Here, you need to make a thickening by means of the ribbon. What for? If there is no thickening, then your bud will be leaning from side to side, and this is not very attractive. It is necessary that the rose looks as close to natural as possible.

I'll share one more little secret. Floral ribbon can lose its beauty after frequent use. What can you do? Cover it with a varnish, for example, transparent nail polish.
About the cost
The cost of the rose is extremely little. Therefore, I advise all artists to include a trick with a flower in their show. Thus, you will update your bubble act and please the audience!
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