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How to make a costume for a bubble show?

How to make a costume for a bubble show?

Every day a lot of questions about the organization of bubble shows come my way. Among them, there are lots of those related to the costume, the right material that shows no traces of detergent stains. How to make it practical to avoid washing after each show.

Yes, of course, it's hard to avoid the detergent getting on your costume and shoes. Soap bubbles scatter in different directions, they burst and the splashes fly everywhere: on the floor, your costume and shoes.
How to choose a fabric for your bubble show costume?
When choosing a costume, first of all, you should pay attention to the fabric. It should not be stained easily. This does not mean that the fabric should be expensive. When choosing fabric for your attire, do not hesitate to check it for stains when it's wet. Do the following test: wet your finger and swipe it on the fabric, if there is a spot on it, then it does not suit you.
Suitable costume fabrics
If you are going to sew a costume for your bubble show, you can choose such fabric as velvet, dark biflex or brocade, as well as other fabrics that have passed the test. A velvet costume is ideal for performances in the winter, but in summer it will make you sweat. If you are lucky and you are the owner of a miniature figure, you can make yourself a short, but decent, dress for performances in the summer. And if you have an ample figure, you will have to come up with something different.
A beautiful light dress for performances
Mesh is another very practical fabric. It can be used for a dress, a skirt, various trains, everything that your imagination is capable of. This is a very practical material that dries very quickly. For the bubble show it's perfect. You can add some rhinestones, sequins or lace – whatever your heart desires. When using fabric with sequins, you need to ensure that your seamstress has treated the internal seams, otherwise they will scratch your skin. In addition, if your costume is decorated with rhinestones and sequins, its frequent washing will cause them to peel off. But it looks beautiful.

To work in the winter, you can make a pantsuit. Its upper part can be decorated with beads, rhinestones or sequins. This will make it possible to arrive at the place of performance wearing pants, change into the top decorated piece, jacket or coat, and be ready for the performance. After all, there is not always an opportunity to change clothes and prepare for everything before the show. There might not be available dressing room or it might be occupied. And sometimes there will be such a dressing room that you won't want to change there. Such costume will save time and effort before your gig.
Costume color
If you plan to have only one costume, then, when choosing the fabric you should avoid too light colors, because if some detergent gets on it, you get a sticky basis on which dust will gather very easily, and on light colors it will be very noticeable. In addition, there are always makeup residues on light fabrics, which do not look very pleasant and aesthetic. Of course, a light dress looks very nice, but then it should not be the only outfit for your performance. But if you have several costumes, then I give an unambiguous YES to light-colored costumes!
I would also add that on the patterned fabric the spots are less visible or completely invisible. You can use this factor when choosing a fabric.
Performance Shoes
I also want to draw your attention to the shoes you wear at show bubble shows. The shoes should not have a slippery sole. It is possible to modernize the sole; for example, there is such a trick – attach some anti-slip material in a shoe shop. High-heeled shoes are not very suitable for performances. Yes, they are stylish, but not safe. Even on the carpet, you can slip, which will be very unpleasant.
The most optimal and practical option are leather shoes or sandals. Shoes with rhinestones, sparkles and stones look cool. In no case should you choose suede and canvas shoes, since the stains can be very difficult to remove.
Where can I make my costume?
If your size is 42-44, you can purchase a costume in the store and customize it with your own ideas. For a children's holiday, you can make a costume by yourself. It will be a costume in the image of, for example, Mickey Mouse or a Fairy. Remember that in this kind of costume you can perform for the children under the age of 5. Older children already understand that you are a "dressed-up lady." In other cases, it should be a bright, dynamic, lively and tasteful costume.

You should order your costume not in a regular dressmaker's, where you just get a simple regular suit. No. You need to go to a specialized seamstresses who sew costumes for ballroom dancers and chorus girls. If you do not know where to find it, then the Internet will help you; look up for the information, be sure to find several dressmakers of this type. If you do not find what you need, do not hesitate to ask the dancers in your city, where they ordered their costumes. You are not a competitor to them, you are a bubble show artist and you also want to look beautiful.
Cost of costume
The finished dress costs about 5,000-30,000 rubles. Take a closer look at Jovani dresses. You can buy a good replica. Or see the analogs of this design. I heard, some girls ordered dresses for 1,500 rubles from China -they received very nice outfits. If you want to make a costume for a children's bubble show (Script of a bubble show for children), for example, Fairies or Princesses, decorated with gold and with a crown, it will cost you 4,000-5,000 rubles. Given the cost of your bubble show, (Working in a bubble show. What is this?) it will pay off after 1-2 performances. It is perfect. You should not save on your costume, it will feed you, this is your bread. This is an important part of your image, this is your business card, which is passed from hand to hand.
How much is my costume?

My old costume with a red mesh skirt, white top and black flowers costs 24,000 rubles.
The black one with rhinestones costs more than 40,000 rubles.
Yes, it's a rather expensive outfit, but I know that it will serve me for a very long time. And believe me, it's worth it.

Costume + concert makeup and you can no longer show a show of bubbles.
My first costume, the blue one from velvet with rhinestones, cost 17,000 rubles. I saved on fabric and rhinestones. The fabric stretched out, then the suit hung loose on me. The rhinestones were not from Swarovski, just ordinary plastic, they grew dull and pale. It was very sad, it would have bene better to add another 5,000 rubles and make a good costume.
And this is also one of my first costumes. I sewed it myself. It cost me about 3,000 rubles, but then the prices were different.
When making a costume, be sure to consult with the dressmaker about your ideas. The dressmaker is an expert in this field, he/she will tell you how to do it better so that the costume emphasizes your image.

I also want to note that these rules should be followed if you make a curtain for your desk. But I still insist on a dense knitwear, which is not wrinkled. Velvet will do just as well. The size of the curtain for our standard desks: 245 cm x 80 cm.
Choose a fabric on which wet stains are not visible.
Preference is given to dark colors.
Good fabrics for bubble shows: velvet, brocade, biflex, mesh.
It looks beautiful when there are some shiny elements: rhinestones, sequins.
Shoes should not be slippery. Say no to high heels.
The ideal material for shoes is leather. It can be cleaned.
Shoes can also be decorated with sparkles.
You need to sew a suit where you sew balnic shoes.
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