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How does the props delivery for bubble show work?

How does the props delivery for bubble show work?

When you have ordered and paid for the props for the bubble show, it's time to send it.

How does the equipment get to your city? It depends on the locality. The question of transporting the props is discussed before the payment. We specify the possibility and the cost of transportation, and then agree on the cost and the circumstances of delivery with you.
Transport companies
Most often, the shipment is made via transport companies that haul cargo by trucks and vans.
  • This is the best ratio in terms of price and delivery time, as well as the security of props.
  • There are transport companies that work around the clock.
  • The coverage area of small settlements is often satisfactory, they try to open representative offices in settlements from 10,000 people, and sometimes less.
Russian Post
I also actively use mailings, although I don't have any tender feelings for the Russian Post. Long queues, poor service, stupid standards.
Aircraft delivery
Sometimes I use air delivery for the props. I resort to this type of transport when the customer asks to do everything as quickly as possible. There is a certain risk, later in this article I will return to this.
Russian Railways Luggage Cars
Now I'm looking into the train transportation. The Russian Railways is a monopolist here. It has double and sometimes stupid rules, so I will use this type of transportation with caution.

Here is a table of the ratio of transportation methods.
Usually, everything runs smoothly and props are delivered in time and without damage. But let's look at customer cases and precautions when delivering props for a bubble show.
If my customer is far from a big city …
If you come from a very, very remote settlement, there is no representation of a transport company, then there are two options:

Option number one – you have to pay for expensive delivery and carriers will bring props to your door. Option number two – you have to get to the nearest major city, which is not far from you. It is more economical to go to such city.

Imagine that you are from the Sverdlovsk region, and you need to go 200 kilometers to Ekaterinburg. The transport company for delivery from Ekaterinburg (200 km) will charge about 3,000 rubles. To drive this 200 km in your car will be much cheaper. This issue is to be solved individually.

If the order is small and fits inside a cardboard box, for example, a Heart wand (Props, Heart-Shaped Wand) , a pair of 10 cm wands (Props, 10-cm Wand), or the same, then the cargo is sent via Russian Post First Class. I cannot promise in relation to the terms. This is the Russian Post. I will send you a postal tracking number, you go to the website of the Russian Post and check where your package is.
There are options for emergency shipments, but then the question is – in what city do you live. If, say, you are in Moscow or Krasnodar, i.e. in some large cities, in this case, if it is very urgent, then you can send it by plane. The cost turns out about the same as sending by trucks, only you get your props much faster.

Honestly, I do not really welcome these emergency shipments, because they are airplanes, they often put heavy loads on top of one another, their employees are more irresponsible, we cannot simply insure our equipment, unlike a transport company, or the insurance is unnecessarily expensive. Then it's much harder to make claims to the airport than to those who carry cargo by trucks.

I mainly use transport companies Energy and. Most often, we use Deloviye Linyi because they have a very convenient schedule of work in Omsk, around the clock. I work a lot, so I often send shipments late in the evening. And if I said that I would send your props on Tuesday, and at 7 pm on Tuesday you have not received an SMS from me with your invoice number, this does not mean that I will not send the props to you on that day. I can send it at 10 pm and at half past eleven. This happens sometimes, this is my work schedule.

Any shipment, via a transport company or by mail, has the invoice number, according to which you can track the postage on the website of your carrier.
Sending at your expense
Delivery is always at your expense. If I send by a transport company, then you pay for the transportation on the spot when you receive the parcel. If I send it by the Russian post, then I pay myself a small sum of money, and then these 300-400 rubles you can transfer to me on my phone account or a bank card. Because I can never say in advance how much delivery will cost via the Russian Post. Sometimes it turns out 200 rubles, sometimes 400. It all depends on the package.

The delivery from our warehouse in Omsk to the transport company and mail office is also carried out on a paid basis – 300 rubles. We also pay the courier for delivery of your order to the transport company.
It is obvious that the cost of delivery depends in part on the volume and weight of the props. I am not a supporter of sending carpeting for a bubble show. If we consider that it is a 3×4 carpet, then it is quite voluminous.You can buy such carpets in your city.
All shipments are insured
Upon delivery by the transport company, I will insure all my shipments. It costs little money, yes, this is your overpayment in the range of 50-80 rubles. The cargo must be insured.

If something breaks on the way, then the transport company will be responsible with its money, so the cargo always goes in a hard package, in a wooden crate.

I always recommend my customers to purchase soft transport cases(Props,Case for Wands) for plastic props, such as trays for bubble shows(Props, Case for Human Inside Bubble Set), work desks and glowing desks. This equipment is made of plastic, because it is lightweight, and allows you to make props of any shape and size, but plastic products do not tolerate strong shocks, especially in the Russian frost.

Now we produce 5 types of covers:
  • For wands,
  • For Human inside Bubble set
  • For carpets
  • For bowls and desks
  • For the vertical frame
Cases protect props from accidental bumps and scratches during trips to events. Besides, such a case with convenient handles makes it easier to carry any props.
Precautions when handling equipment for bubble shows
Despite all the precautions, our carriers can break anything, everything that falls into their hands. Sometimes it seems to me that they are very talented people in this regard.

To be able to use insurance or make a complaint, follow simple rules and sequence of actions:
You come to the transport company to receive the goods.
First, you need to say that the crate from your props is to be removed.
They will open this box for you, get your goods out.
Be sure to open it and see if the bubble show tray is intact, if your glowing desk is intact, if there are any cracks somewhere.
Because externally, the case may be completely intact, but you do not know whether this box fell from a height of three meters. Therefore, it is imperative to check if you have found any flaws somewhere, go to the office of the company and write a statement about the damage to the package. Your cargo is insured.

Then they will cover all these costs. There are two options, either you have to repair your equipment, or we'll have to send you some new equipment. It will already depend on how much it is damaged, and to solve this issue with the transport company.

If you received the package and did not open it, did not check it, just put it in your car, then it will be too late to make a complaint. As soon as you took the props with your hands and carried them from the man who gave it to you -this means that you did accept the equipment, you had no complaints, you signed a document on the transfer of the cargo. You will be told that the cargo was damaged on your way home, that you loaded the glowing desk(Props, Glowing desk) into the car and hit it with the tailgate, you will be told all sorts of such things, and they will be right. Therefore, the cargo must be checked for damage.
There are many ways to deliver at an affordable price.
The most common method of delivery of the props is by a road train.
Only a small cargo can be sent by mail, and if you live in a small village.
Air delivery is used when you need to deliver the goods quickly.
I insure all the goods.
Props are transported at the expense of the client.
Upon receipt, the goods must be checked before signing the acceptance certificate.
Shipping cost calculators are on the websites of each transport company. A list of TC websites can be found here (list of TC). But, they are quite complex for the actual calculation of the price for delivery. In addition, besides "from" and "to" fields you are asked to enter the volume and mass of the cargo. And it already depends on the order. If you are interested in the cost of delivery of the props to your city, then you can write me inVkontakte, I will respond promptly. Thanks for attention!
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